Friday August 11, 2006

teendrama week in review!

Teendrama week in review?! What a brilliant idea! I should do this every week! Monday = er, nothing. But Tuesday, Pokemon 10th Anniversay VIP Dance Party! (special thanks to Sarah.S for the invite). And, no, contrary to the internet rumors, I did not make out with the girl in the Pikachu costume.

BUT, I did get a sweet Pikachu watch! (which I gave to Courtney when we met Carney for some random dude's bday. Huh?)

Wednesday = saw the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players at Mercury Lounge (who I've wanted to check out since that New Yorker piece back in 2002). Sorry, no pics. And you know, I felt bad for the 11 year old little drummer girl - like she was trapped in the band forever, getting sick of her dad's schtick. I dunno.

Thursday = ad hoc ITP foosball tourney @ Parkside. And then shuttling back and forth between Battjer's 30th bday at The Annex...

... and DJ'ing at the Slipper Room ("what are you dj'ing some fetish party?" - Battjer). Here's where I insert my "Teach two girls to DJ and they'll eat for a lifetime" parable / analogy, or maybe not... but after I invested 10 minutes in giving Nancy and Rachel a quick DJ lesson, they took over my shift...

... allowing me to run away and shoot bucks with Chicken Marsala...

... and K2 and crew @ 7B. Don't mind the girl who passed out while standing up (er, not my friend) and her drunk frat-monkey friend who ran over and started giving her CPR ("er, dude, she's breating"). 3:30am.

And then there were cupcakes. Poor sm.ooshed sm.ooshed cupcakes. And frosting all over my phone. The end.

Tonight? Happy Corp happy hour @ 6?
Tomorrow? Extra Action Marching Band at Knitting Factory?

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