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Tuesday August 1, 2006

"stop blogging and start helping!" (or, napeague weekend #2)

Hi! So, I was all set to treat you to an action-packed recap of this weekend... me + Grell + Lucas + three of Grellan's lady friends trekked out to Montauk Amagansett on Thursday night... but I just so happened to have lost all my photos!

Actually, I bought a *brand new digicam* last week - this Olympus waterproof + shockproof supercam. My masterplan was to take it out surfing, swim around with it, whatever. It was going to be awesome. Anyway, while we're sitting on the beach on Saturday afternoon, Lucas is like, "Hey, can I test out your waterproof camera?" So, I hand it over and he runs down to the water and then just throws the thing into the ocean! My new digicam! Like a football! Tossed some 20 yards out! I dunno if he was expecting it to float back to shore or something, but as soon as I saw the thing leave his hand (think: nerf football!) I knew it was a goner.

We searced for a few minutes, but no luck. Best part is that before he hurled the thing into the ocean he started shooting a video clip, so whoever the lucky winner is who finds the camera will be treated to, I dunno, 10 minutes (half a gig!) worth of a video documentary featuring my digicam hurling through the air, plopping into the water and getting tossed around till the memory card runs out. It's waterproof (and shockproof!) so, it's surely alive somewhere... we just don't know where. [video]

ps: Lifespan of this digicam? 5 days!

To be honest, I'm not too bummed about the camera. The Olympus was pretty shitty - it took about four clicks to start shooting a video, the pics were really blurry in low light and a lot of times after I'd take a pic, the camera would give me this 5-4-3-2-1 busy signal (lame). I probably would have put it on eBay anyway if it wasn't floating around in the Long Island surf. (oh, and I still got my old digicam, so no worries).

What does kind of suck is that I lost all the photos from the bender that was Friday night. Which means the 800 beers, the trip to The Point, wrestlemania in the RR and late night swimming pics are all gone.... or are they? Luckily, second-string blogger Grellan.H was on the scene (and, er, I stole some of his digicam pics... but just through Saturday). So shall we?

Okay, so back to Friday? What did we do for dinner? Oh yeah, me + Lucas + Maysoon + Kristen got some b-list lobster rolls @ Cyrill's, picked up Grellan + girls at the train station and then piled 7 in the RR and headed out to The Point in Montauk. (That's Rachel and Nancy in the way-way back and Lucas rolling with the sippy-cup.)

So, The Point = the biggest dive bar you've ever been to (think: Welcome to the Johnsons but, er, not ironic). Girls smoking outside.

... where we ran into special guest bachelorette Karen.B! (Trivia: Alex + Karen are getting married in a mere 2 weeks aaannnnddd this weekend is Alex's bachelor party up in VT. Think: strippers named Zeus)

ps: Karen on the left, Karen's sister on the right, and yours truly, DCB, in the middle. (hi, sm!)

ps2: Oh, and when did The Point go from being the super super dive bar (as described above) into some fancy Olive Garden place? (Someone we talked to said they renovated in June?? Marc.J, want to weight in here?)

We dined on fine fried foods and miscellaneous salads products. That's not actually the bill we're flipping off, but rather...

... the tallied responses to the evening's trivia questions:

Q1. How far away is the horizon? (or, what's the max distance you can see before an object is hidden by the curvature of the earth?)

Q2. How many miles is it from NYC -> London?

No idea how these questions came up or why they were so important at the moment, but they were pressing enough to bet on.

And the answers?

A1. For a person who's eyes are 5 feet from the ground, the max distance to the horizon is 2.73 miles (minus any impairing visibilty conditions) [learn more] (winner = Rachel w/ 6 miles... btw, 900 miles Nancy? Come'on!)

A2. NYC to London? 4300 miles. (winner = me! Price is Right Rules, sucka!)

Lucas hustled locals and tourists for at least six games in a row. (including Johnny Popping My Cooler who was sporting the blue polo and Panama Jack hat, you f'ing poseur.)

Thumbs down for???? The music? The well-spoken guy who was dancing? Johnny Popping My Collar? The lack of clam chowder? We may never know?

Next stop = the Memory Hotel across the street. Flip-flop dance party + bad cover band + groupies all up in the bad cover band's bizness = reminded me of the Spring Break trip I never went on. (sniffle)

Ride home. In-car chinese fire drill. Note: I was not driving. (and, yes, the footprints did neatly wipe off from the roof the car).

ps: Some fucker key'ed my car outside the Memory! Die! I hope you find my crap-ass camera and get stuck using it's crap-ass UI forever!

Er, back at the house and onto the beach. Late night swimming in deadly surf (sharks!) = worse idea ever. Soooooo we ran around the beach in our underoos instead. (The rage in my eyes? Grellan, how about next time more Having Fun and less Taking Photos of Dudes in Their Skivvies?!)

Next morning? Lucas, may sweet Jesus bless you and the breakfast burritos you create. Seriously, they are the feel-good breakfast item of the summer.

And to the beach.... I think we all know what happened next. Juuuusssst after this pic was taken, a frazzled Lucas looked up and was like "Grellan!! Stop blogging and start helping!" Hahahahahah!

Update: I was on hold with AmEx for most of the time I spent writing this up. Turns out since I bought the digi with my AmEx, there's a good chance it's covered under the "lost, broken or stolen" buyers-protection clause. They're going to send me the paperwork tomorrow. Sweet!

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