Wednesday July 12, 2006

will mc.d representing dball on NBC's Today Show

Will McD. busted his knee (torn ACL) skiing a few months ago. He just got it fixed up a few weeks ago and has been hobbling around on cruthes for the past week or so.

Anyway, NBC's Today Show did a piece on "How to find a good doctor" this morning that featured Will chatting it up. Kid was nice enough to show off his brand new beard and a dodgeball shirt.

Thanks, man!

Watch me.

Two things that suck about YouTube:

1. I can't set the default frame for paused video. Who is this girl? She has nothing to do with this clip. YouTube should let me choose the still that appears when the video is paused.

2. Just about everytime I upload a video to YouTube, the audio gets fucked up (like out of sync with the video). What the heck?! (Anyone else?)

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