Sunday July 9, 2006

fourth of july blackout in the middle of nowhere, vermont

Hungover Friday Lazy Sunday = perfect for a little 4th of July teendrama recap! Four day weekend + no real plans = me + four ladies made the trek to Vermont. We should have left Friday night, but I drank 800 beers instead (annnnnd YP + Becca went to a show in Bklyn). Saturday morning departure seemed like a good idea till we got stuck in the worst traffic I've ever done seen right past the Triboro. In our moment of (traffic) weakness, we turned to British Jess (er, the RR's nav system). The good: the car led us far far far away and through slightly less crowded roads; The bad: we took the most back-woods roads ever and it took us like 6 hours to get to VT.

Oh, so the masterplan for the whole weekend was suppoed to be: chill by the pool on Saturday, drive to Auntie Jean's Fourth of July Pool Party Cookout Extravaganza(tm) in Stoughton, MA on Sunday and then drive back to VT Sunday night and spend Monday and Tuesday chilling by the pool sipping on Bartender Steve drinks. But, since we didn't get up there till like 3pm on Saturday (missed the England penalty kick game *and* the Brazil game), when Sunday morning rolled around, no one wanted to make the 3 hour (!!) trek from VT -> Stoughton... so we ended up bailing on Auntie Jean's (sorry, AJ).

Oh, and it was raining - like pouring - in VT. We figured the weather in Stoughton was probably crappy too (but apparently it was super nice out).

Sunday + raining + halfpipe. I did the tarp on / tarp off / tarp on / tarp off thing about 10 times - trying to dry the thing out while protecting it from the downpour.

The winter thaw wasn't too kind to the ramp...

... I'm going to neeed to replace the flatbottom sometime this summer.

Anyway, so before the Sunday downpour started, Becca + Alison went to the pool. And then the lightning came. And then the power went out. And then the lifeguard shot the water-safety-first foghorn right into their ears in hopes that they'd get out of the pool.

When the power didn't come back on after two hours, we went to the store to stock up on emergency supplies (such as nachos + bacon).

And when the power didn't come back on after five hours, we went back to the store to get some firewood. Of course, the store was closed, so we sent in Ali to, er, steal some wood. And after she grabed a stack of kindling and made a run for the car, the workers who were holed up inside the store called us out on it. So we paid them $10 bucks not to beat us up. Overheard later: "You back to steal some more wood?"

ps: sweet trashbag raincoat.

Blackout snack = nachos on the grill! (genius + delicious)

Blackout timekilling = me + Youngna spent some quality time relaxing with Brain Age for GameBoy.

Brain Age = math + memory puzzles that are supposed to make you smarter. Sometimes, the game asks you to draw something from memory as a little pre-frontal cortex exercise. Hence, me + YP showing off our firetruck illustration skills.

Everyone knows you can prevent muscle loss with exercise, and use such activities to improve your body over time. And the same could be said for your brain. The design of Brain Age is based on the premise that cognitive exercise can improve blood flow to the brain. All it takes is as little as a few minutes of play time a day. For everyone who spends all their play time at the gym working out the major muscle groups, don't forget - your brain is like a muscle, too. And it craves exercise.

Blackout dinner = automatically defrosted burgers!

(And kebobs.)

Dinner from above. Like my freebee Vox shirt? YP looks pissed.

The power came back on right before the sun went down on Sunday, though even with power there's not a ton to do in VT. We watched a good four discs worth of The OC (season 2 = girls MAKING OUT!).

Monday = hike time!

Due to a rainy Sunday, local town fireworks were pushed back to Monday. We packed a poorman's cooler (read: backpack) worth of Coronas and headed into Wilimington to check out the town faire.

A little 360 view. The video moves so quick it makes me feel carsick. Sound like the Squirrel Nuts Zippers were playing,

Some pre-fireworks lounging around.

And boom goes the dynamite. (sorry)

And when the fireworks ended, as everyone raced to be first out of the parking lot, we made a mad dash to the fried dough stand (sold out. fuckers.) and then the blow-up castle (en route to deflating). Becca = sad.

We saved Tuesday for the drive home. When you plan it just right, you can catch all the fireworks in MA and CT on the drive back. I think we lostcount around 17 different fireworks displays.

Oh, and we hit up a Friendly's on the way home. While waiting for my Supermelt, I made this awesome piece of art.

Best Game Ever: Fantasy Dessert Menu Draft. Sorrie Forbidden Fudge Brownie, but you had no takers.

2nd Best Game Ever: Trick Ali into playing the same game with her eyes closed. Then rig it so she chooses "poo" as the best dessert. Hahahahahahahah.

(the end).

ps: Hate this recap? Fuck off! Perhaps you'd be more confortable with July 4th 2005?

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