Sunday July 9, 2006

a-list bloggers unite!

This is soooo last week, but I'd be done a serious disservice to the teendrama community if I didn't post the pics from the "in penthouse hottub @ hotel on rivington" dodgeball shouts.

Vox (the blogging service) had a party. Krissy (works for LiveJournal / Vox + who I met out in Seattle) invited me. I met a bunch of other A-list (yeah, I said it) blogger folk up in the Hotel on Rivington's penthouse triplex (pow!) last Thursday.

The view is pretty stellar (er, $5000/night). Sarah and Kevin (MAKE OUT!) looking off the north side of the roof. Jake.D took a rad pic looking off the south side.

There were bloggers. And free drinks. And little sandwiches to snack on. And a hot tub. [video]

... of which Jake.D was brave enough to tear into. Let it be known that while a bunch of use sat around disucssing the logistics of how to carefully remove the aformentioned jacuzzi cover as to avoid making enemies / getting in trouble / kicked out, Jake.D had the lid ripped off (and, er, stripped down to his boxers) in less than 10 seconds.

Jake on the bottom. Lock on the top. Topless girl on the midddle. Sounds filthy!

Speical thanks to Xtina + Kevin.K for unlimited free drinks and learning how to turn the mf'bubbles on.

Items that I believe fell over the 20th story railing and onto the street below: my lucky blue t-shirt.

Items I grabbed so I didn't have to go home shirtless-style: free-bee Vox shirt. Thanks guys!

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