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Monday June 26, 2006

30th bdays are for ice cream cakes with photorealistic frosting

Saturday night = birthday party night! And I love me a good birthday party. Especially when it's my mf'ing 30th bday! For real, thanks to everyone who came out and showered me with free drinks and ice cream cake. Oh, it was at Loreley (cue witty "Loreley is the new Magician!" remark).

Me + Randy + Alex + Kevin DJ'ed. We made up this little sheet to avoid the chaos. By the way, DJ'ing your own birthday = bad idea (too many distractions). Kevin gets the gold star for bestest set. (Grellan, even though he didn't even DJ, C- )

We were downstairs. Early on someone brought out this cake and started singing... but alas, all the friendship, love and joy was for some other cracker who was had his birthday downstairs. He was escorted out immediately.

ps: Special thanks to the random teendrama superfan who called Loreley looking for me...

(cue Nancy running downstairs with the house phone)
Me: Hi?
Random person: Hey, is this Dennis?
Me: Sure.
Random person: You don't know me, but I read teendrama and saw that you were having your birthday party tonight and just wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday.
Me: For real? Thanks!

Good crowd + summer birthday = sweaty dance party. Who bought the girl in the white? Hi there!

Special occasion = Randy and I busted out our best go-to shirts.

Grellan busted out his bestest brawling Irishman face.

Team Google making an appearance... (pow!)

... with bonus obligatory Akshay upskirt shot.

Late night = surprise ice cream cake time! Mint chip with my face all printed up in the frosting. (I didn't even know such technology even existed!)

ps: Green face. Huh.
ps2: You may remember this shirt from such slammimg parties as No Data, March 2006.

Ali all up in my cake. (Sorry I dropped you on your head, girl.)

Rachel + Spiers + AK = hyperlink factory!

And continuing with the string of random b-list celebs that show up for bdays/No Data (Janice from Sopranos, Todd Oldham, Harold Hunter, etc)...

harryh: Regie Watts was there? WTF!?! huh?
dpstyles: who is reggie watts?
harryh: he's from seattle
harryh: he's in this band maktub
dpstyles: ha
dpstyles: sure

The original crew of Syracuse girls: Lauren + Jigs + Mel + Jackie.

Randy, all up on my jock.

Chrissy, all up on Dynatrite's jock.


By the way, kid on the right = Ian H., long lost high school friend. Anyway, I randomly ran into him at some high school NYC reunion (read: fundraiser) and he ended up swinging by. Huh!

And that's about it. By the way, almost none of these photos are from my camera... so special thanks to Steve + Dianne + Akshay for doing all the camerawork. They got their Flickr on real good:

Steve Ross (Flickr)
Dianne (Flickr)
Akshay (Flickr)


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