Friday June 16, 2006

yp + jen's art show out in bklyn

So, six days ago Youngna + Jen threw an art show / fundraiser out in Zach's brand new studio space in Williamsburg, The Universal Space Agency.

ps: free beer too! oh, and more pics here.

A few hundred people, maybe 50 pieces or art, all up for sale silent-auction style. Everyone gets assigned a number and each piece has a bid form underneath. If you want to place a bid, just write down your number and the max amount you'd pay (think: eBay).

But! Silent art auction = super strategic. See, you want to play it eBay style (read: swoop in at the last minute and place your bid), but what if there's two things you want??? And then you got the people who *really* want a certain piece who kind of hover around and then out-bid anyone who makes a bid as soon as they walk away. And then there's the whole "I'm going to outbid you even though this is more than I want to pay, just because you had *the nerve* to outbid me" etc. etc. So anyway, exciting!

Youngna had some stuff up - including this shot outside of Zum Schneider that I really liked...

... which was also one of the most bid on pieces. (I didn't win.)

Though, I did get this photo of Coney Island's Wonder Wheel.

Glowlab Xtina showed up later with this busted Cookie Monster toy she found on the street. I think she was going to just keep it, but we talked her into secretly putting it up for auction. Um, we'll call it "SM.URF". And "Found Materials" sounds about right. I started the bidding at $19...

... and sure enough someone came along and one-upped me with $25. Awesome.

Though not as awesome as the light-up-vagina that went for $250.

Paul.K walked away with the biggest bid-getter of the night, this little red riding hood print. Pow!

And then (of course) the whole scene busted out into a dance party.

(and then the cops came. The end.) [video]

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