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Thursday June 8, 2006

action packed Memorial Day 2006 - wooooo! (or not)

Hi. Don't get your hopes up for a an action-packed Memorial Day recap - this one is just four dudes chilling at the beach.

Kind of a last minute trip - me + Randy + Grell + Josh drove down to my parent's place on the cape (Eastham, MA) for the wkd.

The forecast was three days worth of rain, but amazingly we had perfect weather (like, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky style weather) all weekend long.

Hit up Arnold's (twice) for the bestest lobster roll ever (better than any place in the stoopid Hamptons, sucka!). $13 bucks gets you a truckload of lobster meat.

Hit the grocery story. (see, I told you this was exciting)

Grilled up some mf'ing corn, some burgers, some sweeeeet onions...

... all while stressing over the open flame that was coming from *under* the grill. Fear of the whole thing exploding had us running in + out of the house between burger flips and corn rotation duty.

Recognize the buffet!

Quick trip to the deli up and the street and who's all up on the cover of Money Magazine? Josh's wife Ann! (and with another dude!)

Overheard: "Josh, you married a model... by accident!" (Magazine scan coming soon. Er, probably)

Meanwhile, back in Medway, my Dad got to march in the Memorial Day Parade (because he's a SELECTMAN now, remember????)

Big Dig. Shaking hands and kissing babies.

Oh, and my Dad's cursed corvette (a.ka. THE DEATH MOBILE. Dad, am I allowed to tell this story???) made it's obligatory parade appearance.

Annnddd, back to the cape...

Trip home. With Grellan and Randy passed out in the back seat, we came as close to running out of gas as I've ever been. I bet we went 20-30 miles with the yellow light on. Xtreme!

Empty tank = expensive tank. Fuckers.

And, for your browing pleasure, Josh threw a bunch of his pics (they're better than mine) up on the Flickr. Go get em.

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