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philly + red sox roadtrip - ver. 2006

Okay, one entry down so I got Little Sister Katie off my back, but now MF is all up in my grill about the Philly recap (which is, er, so three weeks ago - May 20th).

So, rewind to 2003. I'm bored with my summer job @ MTV. Rob and MF are living in Boston. Steve Simmons is dating my friend Jill (ps: now engaged!). One of us managed to throw together a masterplan that got us to Philly for a weekend eating cheesesteaks and watching the Red Sox play the Phillies in that old shithole of a stadium they had back then. Oh, and sorry, friends of teendrama, but that recap never really made it online (though the 2003 photos are here). A quick outline of that weekend might look like this:

  • drove down from nyc
  • got cheesesteaks (@ Pat's)
  • watched some baseball
  • steve took about $63 playing Moundball
  • almost got stabbed at some townie bar when some fuckers yelled: "Faggity motherfuckers - go back to your suburbs!" *
  • had drinks with reen + chris
  • ate another cheesesteak (@ Jim's)
* To which I replied, "I am in the suburbs... the suburbs of New York City, bitch!". Just kidding, i never said that. That would have been a one-way ticket to stab-city.

Anyway... so, 2006. Mike just finished his first year of law school (cue: "Baby's All Growns Up" reference). Rob's living down in D.C. and we're no longer even friends with Steve (har, just kidding!)... and MF planned up Philly Roadtrip Part II. Rob and MF ended up spending a Friday night in NYC, eating dinner w/ Steve.S + Jill, hitting some random glam-rock-wig-party (huh? models!) and eventually crashing on my couch.

We lounged on Saturday, leaving for Philly around 2pm. God bless Lt. Rob for still pimping the dodgeball.

And got into Philly around 5pm or so. We got lost. That's the famous Philadelphia Arch in the background.

We dropped our shit off at the Downtown Marriott (suite! get it? ha!) and then hit up Pat's for some pre-game cheesesteaks. (Pat's vs. Gino's = cab driver said to hit up Pat's). The line was roughly 100 miles long. The bar across the street was broadcasting the Preakness over the loudspeaker.

MF ordering it up (just a few seconds before Barbaro busted his leg in two).

Greasy. Delicious. [video]

Okay, so to the park. Philly built a *brand new ballpark* a few years ago which may be the nicest stadium I've ever been to (Seattle = 2nd place). Unlike Fenway, the whole park feels open thanks to missing exterior walls near the concession stands, etc.

MF was in charge of the seats for Saturday. Upper level.

No complaints though. Check out the size of that HD jumbotron! Too bad the chumps running it never cued up any instant replays (for fear of rioting Phillies fans?)

Interleague play in a NL stadium = the pitches get to bat. Beckett (pitching for the Sox) hit a HR in the 8th. I txt'ed Alex with the good news; he pinged me back.

They've also got this green mascot (Philly Phanatic?) that rides around on a tricked-out golf cart with a hot dog cannon mounted on the back. For real - watch the video. Within the first 10 seconds you can see a sweet sweet hot dog flying through the air and the hands of a lucky fan in the upper deck. In 2003, we saw the Phanatic *jump over the pitcher's mound* - Knight Rider style - in the cart. It was awesome.

And later, part of the stadium caught on fire ("concourse trash fire"). Smoke blowing into the outfield. Best game ever? [video]

Sox win it, 8-4. And boom goes the dynamite.

Cue memory of Ken Allard IMing me in 2002 - "do you realize how short you are?" - after posting a July 4th in DC recap. (click + then scroll 6 pics down)

ps: Yes. Bad haircut. I know.

Okay, so after the game we met up with old PA friends Chris and Reen...

... who introduced us to their friends, including this girl who was apparently my BFF in college. Who knew?

MF + Rob = looking mack'tastic. Pitchers were, what, $5 each?

So we had the bartender send Mystery Pitchers to various tables on our tab.

While Cpoo wasted my hard-earned dollars in the fancy digi-jukebox cueing up such trach as Mary.J and Beyonce.

Bars in PA close at 1:30 (nerds!). Cpoo and Reen were nice enough to envite us back to their castle in the sky....

ps: MF, grow up.

... where *some people* entertained themselves by launching food-stuffs out the window.

Cpoo = quite the artist.

Cpoo = quite the late night orderer (btw, you owe me $4 for the 4am fries never showed)

Rob was kind enough to fall asleep on their couch. Pull it together, man.

And then our hosts booted us from their home.

Sunday's agenda = 1pm game. No driving directions, so we followed these Phillies Jesus Freaks all the way from downtown. Thank the Lord!

Sunday's tickets = Rob's doing. Kind of 3rd base / rightfield-ish. Well done!

$8 hot dog. Know how Fenway has the little self-service stands where you can apply your own mustard + onions? In Philly, they have this machine that you place your hot dog under and then crank this lever - jack-in-the-box style - and onions just pour out of it! It's the future!

And would you just look at that screen again! Sox lose 10-5. [mlb recap]

Game ended = t-minus 1:30 to get our bags and find our way to the Amtrak.

We cut through Love Park on our way. I tried to explain the story about how Love Park used to be one of the most famous skate spots on the east coast before the city of Philly banned skateboarding in the park in 2002.

ps #1: I learned all from watching Freedom of Space, a amazing documentary by Steve Olpin on urban planning + skateboard culture that was recently on FuelTV.
ps #2: Mike didn't care.

And the train ride home. Mike got a Coach Class ticket ($72) while all i was able to get was a Business Class seat ($92). So, I figured I'll just let someone else have my business class seat and I'll sit next to Mike in coach. But then the ticket guy comes up to me and was all...

Ticket guy: Hey, you NEED to be in business class.
Me: But I don't WANT to be in business class.
Ticket guy: Well, you don't have a choice - I can't let you sit here.

... huh. Kicked out of coach for biz class = lame. So I grabbed my backpack and walked all the way to the front of the train (no empty seats!) and then all the way back. When I sat down snuck back into my seat the ticket guy was all...

Ticket guy: DENNIS!! (er, not sure how he rememberd my name)
Me: Oh hi.
Ticket guy: I told you you can't sit here!
Me: But there's no empty seats up there.
Ticket guy: Well, you can't sit here!

... and after like 2 more minutes of making a scene, he let me sit next to Mike. And then I fell asleep. The end.

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