Wednesday May 24, 2006

random foosball tourney (aka lucas + joost = 2nd place legends)

I played in a foosball tourney last night with Lucas + Joost + Vipul over @ 11th Street Bar. Marc + Lisa + Annie came along to mock up for being such nerds cheer us on. Lucas and Joost paired up (Van Graves) and I took Vipul as a teammate (Boom Goes the Dynamite).

Each team plays in 3 three-minute games. Most points in 3 minutes = winner. Team with the best record advances.

Game 1: Fantastic long shots by defensive players can't make up for a shitty goalie (er, me). LOSS
Game 2: Heavy on the offensve. Opponents were also kind of drunk. WIN
Game 3: We got whooped. Six-too-many beers and not-so-good defense (Vip!). LOSS

Verdict: We're losers. The Carsberg girl bought us a free pint.

So, me + Vip + Lisa + Marc are all chatting it up when Lucas comes back and *slams down* the 2nd place trophy!!!

I've never been more proud in my whole life.

We made the little foosball trophy men hold hands.

... and that was pretty much it.

ps: I signed up for a re-do: Tues June 13 @ One and One. I really want one of those trophies. I could look slamming as a part of my Medway Soccer (1984), Medway Baseball (1985) and BMX Champion (1986) trophy collection.

3:30pm update from Lucas: Lucas + crew hit up Parkside Lounge late night where some Polish gangster kids stole his foosball trophy! Let's get em!

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