Thursday May 18, 2006

west village fieldtrip with the FSU cowgirls

You ever hear of these FSU Cowgirls? A few girls wearing skimpy outfits and cowboy hats to Florida State games were all over the tee-vee thanks to ESPN and eventually ended up all over Maxim and Facebook, blah blah blah. Anyway, Krucoff and Becca told me there we guest bartending at some place in the West Village, so me + Grellan cabbed it over with them to check out what was probably the frattiest event of the season. (Back-2-College night 4eva!)

I guess two of them were there? This girl Jenn and some other blond girl. Easy to pick out since they were pretty much the only females in a sea of frat monkeys. 20 to 1 guy-girl ratio is probably right on.

$7 pitchers = about the price of one Bud bottle @ Back Room.

And three awesome things I saw late night:

1. Girls dancing on the bar; dudes groping them.
2. Some guy spraying a whipped cream mohawk on his head.
3. This one tall dude pass out while standing up, crashing into (and spilling) a table worth of drinks.

These pics are pretty stoopid. Really, the only reason I wanted to put them online was as an excuse to post this facinating video of Jenn the Cowgirl deflecting all the "Daddy bought my boobs" rumors (fast fwd about 1:15 in) [video]

For extra credit here's the rest of the interview.

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