Big Red
Tuesday May 16, 2006

big red on her deathbed? (again!)

My Mom just send me a cameraphone pic of Big Red (er, my old truck - which my parents now have) which died in a parking lot up in Syracuse yesterday. I hear they're trying to bring her back from the dead (so they can bring all my sister's stuff back home from college). Huh.

teendrama recommendation engine: If you enjoyed this post about Big Red almost dying (you sick fuck), you may also enjoy this post.

ps: I'm way behind in my tdrama recaps. If you are patient you may be rewarded w/ pics from (#1) Random Pearl Jam Show w/ Nora + (#2) Denny's Trip to Microsoft + (#3) Little Sister's Graduation @ Syracuse... and (depending on how slow I am) (#4) Weekend in Philly with Mike + Rob (which cues up this weekend). Pow!

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