Wednesday April 26, 2006

last weekend (told with 15 photos + 2 videos)

Hi there! Nothing too scandalous, just some pics from the weekend. Friday = kind-of No Data @ VoodDoo Lounge (aka the basement of Wakki Wallys) and Saturday = Manlio's going away party @ Loreley.

Friday. Grellan is now on this "no more beer, only liqour" kick which basically means instead of drinking 8 Bud tallboys, he consumes 8 glasses of scotch. The end result consistently looks like this.

On the other hand, Matt.U and his Tiger Lager make the ladies smile.

Rina showed up. It was her birthday. I bit her face.

Meghan showed up too. I told her I'd give her $1 if she could unhook this random guy's helmet from his bag without him knowing it. No luck. (but, how cool would it have been if the dude turned around after getting his drink and - blam! - Meghan's sitting there wearing his helmet! Not so cool? Die.)

And Youngna too. She took some photos. I'm like a tiger!

It got pretty crowded, but the venue kind-of sucked (smelled all musty!). Apparently it's an old Turkish Bath House (for reals), so the room in the back still has tiles and plumbing (for showers?) and the DJ booth sits on top of where the big 'ol bathtub used to be. Once Randy and I figured this out we were jumping around like monkeys in hopes of busting through the makeshift wood flooring covering the tub. (and then the bouncer yelled at us)

And onto Saturday for Manlio's Goodbye Party. @ Loreley. A bunch of FoMs took turns DJing (KB + Alex + Manlio + Kevin + me. Alex logged no fewer than 5 minutes to dead air). If you look real close you can see Manlio over there on the left (black shirt + red tie), supercute Nicky in the front (hi!) a wee bit of Youngna and then Dianne and Some Dude getting their middle school dance on.

Oh, this. Yeah, I locked myself out of my apt before heading to Loreley (me = monkey). By the time my super called me back (Mr. Rico!), I was three drinks in. I raced home (in the rain + in a cab) and watched as Mr. Rico jimmeyed my door open with two screwdrivers. Awesome! [video]

One of these. Notable = Kkkkkrazy Megatron.

I met these two MySpace girls upstairs. I think they're in a band.

Blue (Olga) + red (Sarah) + green (me) + gray? (Carney) + some guy I don't know.

Sunday. It was raining. And I was just sitting in watching TV. So I made the trek out to the Museum of the Moving Image out in Queens to see this panel on videoblogging.

It's wasn't totally random - I knew that my internet pal (and host of the hit talkshow-in-a-car video podcast, DriveTime) Ravi Jain was going to be on the panel alongside real-world pal Jakob (from Vimeo). The Rocketboom entourage of Andrew + Amanda + Tim (??) were also on the panel.

Ravi x 2. (sorry Sonia, but you didn't fit in the photo)

ps: Teendrama superfans may recall my Special Guest Appearance on Drive Time from back in November (er, pre-HBS disaster)

After the panel, we got a special VIP (tho quick) walkthrough of the museum, which included a stop at the Rockstar Ping Ping room. (Rockstar = launching their ping-pong game for XBox in May.

Giant room + super dark + 50" flat screen = Jakob and Johnny Rockstar battle it out. [video]

Has anyone ever been out to Muesum of the Moving Image? It's pretty rad, and I'm bummed I was only there for the talk. Upstairs (3rd floor) they have a history of video games exhibit (rad) and this exhibit that let's you see how the video feeds for a live baseball game are assembled in real time. And a room that let's you do voice-overs in class movies. And a bunch of stop-motion animation toys. And this zoetrope-esque sculpture by Gregory Barsamian ("Feral Fount") which is amazing. (read: If anyone want to go back and check it out one of these days, let me know.)

So, Sunday night. Grellan and Randy came over. We watched Sopranos (and about 4 episodes of Entourage).

I made some burgers. Something went horribly wrong (too much egg? too much BBQ sauce?). There were pretty shitty.

(the end)

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