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Monday April 24, 2006

can I get a little Easter 2006 shoutout?

Yeah. So Easter. 10 days ago? Whatever! Got time for a few quick photos?

I had this masterplan of cutting out work of early on Good Friday and catching the 4pm Amtrak back to Boston. I even dragged my super big backpack into work. Fast forward a few hours and between Steve's 30th bday...

... Nathania being in town... (Jackie, why you gotta look all spacey?)

... and Chicken Marsala's bday, I decided to stick around for the night. We started off at White Horse Tavern for Steve's pre-birthday drinks (right around the corner from Magnolia Bakery... where I scored all these cupcakes, btw), then went to Lolita to meet up with some Google folk (Susannah + Sean + Dan.B) and then to Orchard Bar for KM's bday (which was packed with hipsters in headbands) and THEN to Libation (I know, I know).

ps: Libation is the only velvet rope club in the Lower East Side. I would never go there in 100 years, but we told Jackie + Cute Haircut Nat that we'd meet them there after leaving KM's. Looong line full of dudes with their collars popped and girls with the worse Strong Island accents ever. On top of that, cocksucker bouncers wouldn't even let us in...

Bouncer: Sorry, but we're not letting single guys in.
Dens: Yeah, but all our friends are upstairs.
Bouncer: We're not letting single guys in right now.
Dens: Er, they're all girls.
Bouncer: We're not letting single guys in right now.
Randy: Oh, how about if we're together? ("we're" = Dennis + Randy = love)
Bouncer: We're not letting single guys in right now.
Dens: How about we go grab some girls and then you let us in?
Bouncer: We're not letting single guys in right now.
Dens: How about we just wait in line till my friends get my text message and come down to meet us.
Bouncer: We're not letting single guys in right now.

... seriously, what a bunch of monkeys. In my frustration I may have said something along the line "WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THIS LINE WHO LIVE WITHIN 10 MILES OF HERE" but even so, it didn't make a difference.

Nat eventually got my text msg and grabbed us outside (me = her finacee for the night?). Worst place ever. (oh, and $10 cover).

ps: To the girls in the VIP room, thank you for sneaking us in and sharing your $200 vodka.

Anyway, so Easter right? My plan was to grab a few drinks, stop by and say a few happy birthdays and then go to bed at like midnight, take a nap and drive to Boston at 8am. We ended up leaving stoopid Libation at 4am (ugh), I was in bed by 4:30 or so, got up at 8 and was in the car by 8:30 (suck it!).

Made the trek from NYC -> Medway in like three hours (record time!), met up with my Dad + Little Sister Katie for some chicken parm sandwiches. Medway House of Pizza was rocking some "Denny" artwork.

Spend the first part of the afternoon driving around with my Dad, sticking "CROWLEY FOR SELECTMAN" signs in people's front yards.

Which was buckets of fun. This nice lady at this house gave us cookies. [video]

Spent the *second* part of the afternoon, listening to Big Dig pitch his Selectman philosophy to the neighbors.

Come'on Dad, I'm just busting your chops!! (To any readers in Medway: Vote on May 1!)

Late night, I picked up The MF and we headed to Sabina's Mickey Cassidy's where we met up with such Medway legends as Suzanne Webster (Kev.W's sister!), Lauren C. + her fiancee Ted, and Melissa Bateman (in the green).

Townie bars + townie bar band + "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" covers AND old Irish songs = Best Night Ever. [video]

And then I posed it up with with these two closet teendrama fans (for reals!) - Carrie Webster (Amy.W's sister!) on the left, Melissa B. again on the right. (and Ted hiding in the way in the background)

ps: Anyone else think Melissa.B looks a little like Robyn.H?

Fast forward again. Easter morning. The Bunny still whips together a basket for me every year - back in the day he/she'd bring along killer gifts (I got Super Mario 3 one year!) but now it's all toothpaste and cooking stuff.

Crowley Easter traditions include such things as homemade coffee cake + kielbasa + ...

... hardboiled egg battle royales!

We've been doing the egg battles for as long as I remember (old Moraski family / Polish tradition says my Mom). The gist of it is get a bunch of hard boiled eggs, and then smash them against one another to see which is the strongest. You're supposed to hold them between your thumb and forefinger and *geeeennnnttttly* tap them to see which one cracks (er, the loser), but over the years we've turned it into a much more athletic spectacle - complete with "Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Bee" type rituals. [video]

Oh, Katie + Mom + Dad usually end up dying the eggs (did I spell that right?), using some type of chalk-pen technologoy to brand them in such a way that encourages egg battle royal rivalries. This year's theme was ??? (ask Little Sister Katie!). My favorite was last year's face off with ex-girlfriend themed eggs (Giselle vs. Kiara!)

(Oh, by the way, Jonathan didn't make it back for Easter Sunday morning (sniffle) because he went to visit Jackie's family. He made it to Auntie Jean's in time for Uncle Jr.'s clams casino though - ps: now with bleu cheese!)

I brought home some special Easter-Edition Magnolia Bakery cupcakes for mom. (me = the best!)

She liked them lots.

And then we went to church. About 2 minutes into mass, K2 hit me with the bestest dodgeball checkin of all time.

Church = uneventful. We scored pretty entertaining seats though - sitting behind a family with little kids (the age difference almost matching me + Jonathan Katie... making it look, according to my Dad, a little like a trip back through time). The oldest boy (read: me!... who was about 8 or so) was well behaved... until his younger brother (J!) started touching and kicking him. The little girl (3 years old?) had that "inner monolouge" problem where she just kept yelling things out (ha!). Best lines (imagine these yelled as loud as a little girl can yell)...

"It's over!!!" (when the choir finally stopped singing this 8 minute song)

"Look, it's Jesus!" (when we stood up for the first time, and she could see the Stations of the Cross on the wall)

"... and he's sleeepy!" (after getting a better look at it)

"CAAAAAAKKKKKKKEEEEEEE!!!" (after the priest announced at the very end that there was cake in the reception area to celebrate these three people that go baptised the night before)

"PIIIIIZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAA!!!!" (after her brothers told her that there'd also be pizza... hahahahahahhaha)

Yeah, so I was a little lazy with the digicam that afternoon (hence the lack of pics at Auntie Jean's house).

Anyway, spend the afternoon hanging out at AJs,eating clams casino and giving PC technical support to my relatives (read: my job). I gave Maria P. - my old Ring Dance date (9th grade!) - a ride back to NYC. We stopped at exit 40 for gas and I found this empty Hennessey bottle next to the pump. Gangster!

ps: there's lots more prom pics where that one came from... I scanned them all in over Easter. Stay tuned. Hahahahahah!

ps2: $2.99 for gas is bullshit.

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