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Thursday March 9, 2006

heading to Austin for SXSW tomorrow

I'm off to SXSW in Austin tomorrow. Alex + Harry are coming too to represent Team Dodgeball. So are Dianne + Jen +CZ + Tully + Danah + Adam + Mike.S + Molly + Janelle.

I'm speaking on a panel on Satuday @ 3:30 called "Online in Offline Spaces -- and Vice Versa" and am doing an Studio SX interview (for Current.TV??) on Sunday @ 12p.

I'll also be floating around a bunch of the other events, including Tully's "Cocaine Angel" film premiere and trying to score free drinks courtesy of Yahoo/Flickr/Delicious + Google/Blogger, etc.

Anyway, the point here is that if you're going to be @ SXSW, drop me an email or sign up for dodgeball and add me as a friend.

ps: if you're already on dodgeball, make sure to switch to Austin when you get there (just sent a text message to austin@dodgeball.com instead of nyc@dodgeball.com, etc)

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