Monday March 6, 2006

first weekend in march = no data

First weekend of the month = yet another No Data. Yes, at Loreley. Yes, good times.

Me + Randy + Grell met for dinner around 9:30 or before heading downstairs. Nancy (manager) gave us a heads up that there was already a pretty good crowd due to some other private party. Even at 10:45, the place was packed (like almost too-crowded-to-move packed).

We threw rock paper scissors to see who'd play first. Grellan took first shift. I took second. The dilemma - play good music and try to get people to dance... or play shitty music (Grellan!) to try to clear them out before the rest of our friends showed up. (er, what ended up happening?)

Pre-No Data we were shooting some top secret film project (top secret?) - the shirt was part of the outfit. Ctrl + Alt + Dell... clever! Andy.K made it. The letters were just stickers.

Special guest appearance by ex-Happy Corp interns Bari (here) and Lindsay. And Grellan Bacardi and Cola.

Oh, and special guest Chelsea (friends w/ Lindsey... er, the other Lindsey).

(btw, I have no idea how to spell "Lindsey" - or "Lindsay". Er, can you spell it both ways? I mixed it up in the last two captions so that at least one of the two will be right. So, sorry in advance)

Take 2. Hi!

By the way, you have the wonderful (+ saucy) Lisa E. to thank for all these pics.

Non-blogger paparazzi was in full effect.

Me. See, the dj'ing is hard work! I downloaded a bunch of new tracks (free!) before heading out...

... laugh if you want, but I've been using iMix feature in the iTunes Music Store to track down deep cuts from high school. (iMix = people upload their playlists and then from any song in the iTunes library, you can show all the other playlists that contain that song).

Anyway, I found this while shopping around for Quad City DJ remixes.

Another crowd shot. Ariel + Randy in the middle, Johnny Shiny Science Jacket on the left. And what's the deal with the floating head at the bottom? Is that kid like 3 feet tall?

DDR Miri? (pic stolen from Steve Ross, btw)

Late night (around 3am) some mystery flood starting approaching from the kitchen (I hope?). Soon thereafter, Nancy yelled at me for jumping up and down on a bench. Sorry about that.

Later night. YP + Randeez + Dianne.

The letters on my shirt kept falling off as it got later and later. By the end of the night, I was left with just the "+ Dell".

I kept finding letters scattered around...

On the floor...

On Shawn White's back...

Another one.

Randy tried to be a Pal and recover an F for me...

... but then he just wore it home. Jerk.

(hmm... just dawned on me that there's not even in an "F" in "CTRL + ALT + DELL". what's going on around here?)

(the end)

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