Friday March 3, 2006

secret surprise snowstorm @ mount snow

I get shit from people all the time for getting out of the city to go riding every weekend. Especially since a lot of the time there's no snow in the city, it's been warm for weeks and the pics I post of Mount Snow show bare spots all over the place.

But we go up anyway. Every weekend. Because there's always that chance that we'll get hit with that surprise dumping that comes out out nowhere. I mean, the more weekends you're up there, the greater the chance that you'll be there for the surprise dumping, right?

Well, we finally got hit with it last weekend. Saturday night. It actually started snowing pretty good on Saturday night...

... and by the time we got up in the morning, a good 12" had fallen.

Anticipating the Best Day Ever(tm), we were all pretty lame on Saturday night. We went to bed early so we could motivate early the next morning. We pulled into the parking lot Sunday morning @ 7:45am. Lifts open at 8am.

We squeezed in about 5 runs before 10am, which is rad as we're usually not even hitting our first run till around 10am. Early morning crowds were non-existent and we had 2-3 runs worth of first tracks. If you ducked real real low while riding, you could almost trick yourself into thinking you were waist deep.

We caught up with J late in the morning. We spent most of the afternoon ducking ropes and poaching the trails that are never open. At one point, I ducked in the woods somewhere off the Sunbrook side of the mountain (J + Will + Matt followed) and we ended up shooting down this tiny-tiny cat track chute...

... that eventually opened up into a stream (and a waterfall?). I stopped right before heading down this rock-filled chute. Joanthan busted through and landed in some stream. Will took a digger bouncing off 3-4 rocks. This is what I saw when I turned around after hearing the crash.

ps: Note that I'm taking this at an angle, looking up. That's Matt way in the background and he's gotta be 20 feet above me. This thing was steep.

"Will, what happened?!" [video, 23mb]

(at the end of the video you can see us waving off these 2-3 kids that followed up into the woods who were about to drop into the Death Chute.)

Jonathan looking into the river that I nearly landed in. The kids on skis were able to ride out of the woods. I had to take off my board and hike out. Took me like 15 minutes to find the trail.

I took this pic from the chairlift on the next run. Those are my tracks just walking randomly out of the woods (after the 15 minute hike). There was no shortage of chairlife hecklers. One guy was like "Where the heck did YOU come from?"

Fast forward a few hours. Last run = over the rope and into the Land of Tiny Trees (South Bowl), threw the Secret Glades, down the closed chute (Shootout), through some crappy traverse and down to the base.

That's Jay on the left and Will on the right. Where's Matt? We all know Grellan is about 100 yards behind us in the woods watching a DVD on his laptop. (Zing!)

Rewind to the night before, with the snow coming down pretty good, Jay + Matt + Will built this kicker over the halfpipe.

So, that's it. With all the snow, I completely forgot that Sunday was my 30th day on snow (and so there, I hit my goal for the season). Woo! And I've still got 3 VT days on the calendar and one trip to Whistler planned (aw-shit! 3/30 - 4/2).

ps: last year I got 27 days... a few short of 30. But this year... pow!

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