Monday February 13, 2006

Worst. Blizzard. Ever. (aka six inches in VT)

Hi! So, let's get this out of the way first: "26.9 inches! Holy shit! The skiing in Vermont must have been crazy!"

Sure, it was a good weekend, but up at Mount Snow we only got hit with about 6 inches. Oh well. (this pic, btw, is late late late Sunday in NYC)

Friday night and we pulled the standard leave-at-8pm drill, though this time we spiced it up by stopping by Norwalk, CT to pay a surprise visit at Josh Newman's 30th Birthday Party.

Special guest Brian Battjer came along for the ride (though sucker took the MetroNorth home). I threw together a quick bday package for Stoopid Newman...

... as Brian said, "Happy birthday! Promote my company!".

ps: package = all messed up as we stomped the shit out of it in the parking lot.

Okay onto Saturday. We've seen this a few times over the past few weeks, but if there's even the slightest chance of snow in VT, the crowds just flock to the mountain. Saturday was no exception.

Normally when the Main Face of the mountain starts feeling too crowded, we'll head over to the North Face where it's usually pretty quiet. By the time we made our way over there on Saturday one of the lifts had busted, leaving perhaps one of the worst lines I've ever seen at Mount Snow. (btw, that one long line is the singles line)

Poor Randy left all his gear (pants + jacket, etc.) back in NYC so I dressed him up as DPStyles 2002. Hot!

Saturday = a pretty solid day skiing. Randy + Matt were feeling a bit ill, so they left me + Grell + Will to fend for ourselves in Couzzins (the apres ski bar) vs. the likes of four tallboys (record = tied!), singer / songwriter Bruce Jacques (die!), and a bunch of 40 year old cougars looking to make the sweet sweet apres ski love. (ugh)

I'm not going to sugar coat it - the night was sloppy. I knocked Will out of his chair, nearly got beat up by a iron-worker for chatting up his gf, made fun of some random guy for carrying around his biz-school portfolio (sorry man) and threw a bunch of matches at some Argentian girl ("Get over here!")... which I then blamed on Grellan. Late night we ordered two too many pizzas and I took a nap on the floor. Good times! (read: tallboys 1, Dens 0)

By the way, who are these girls?

Okay, so the snow. Nothing till late Saturday when it started coming down, but just as a flurry. We watched on the teevee as the weather man predicted Day After Tomorrow style conditions for NYC, CT, Boston... pretty much everywhere that was not Mount Snow.

Sadly, when we woke up Sunday morning, all we had was a couple of inches. Worst Blizzard Ever!

Luckily, it snowed all day. Early morning crowds were magically gone by lunch time (everyone taking off early due to fear of the ride home???). We got a good 12 runs in. Here's Will represenging off the barrel at the front-end of the park.

I told Randy and Will that if they made stoopid freestyle poses, I'd photoshop them in looking rad.


Okay, fine. Randeez is *at least* 40 feet in the air. And I think Will even landed this switch.

Late in the day. We were seriously considering staying in VT Sunday night - 20% because we though the roads would be too shifty to drive on, 80% because we thought Monday would be sick with all snow that kept falling. But by around 3pm the snow started to let up and we started to run out of good excuses we'd use for skipping work on Monday.

Oh, here = Randy + KJ (KJ = Grellan's internet friend). Freezing.

We caught last chair a few minutes before 4pm and were back at the house by 5pm or so. Men's Olympic halfpipe was coming on just as we were packing up to leave - we got to watch Shawn White's + Danny Kass' qualifying run (hugh air-to-fakie = sick). (Women's halfpipe = tonight @ 8pm).

By the way, NBC's coverage of Olympic snowboarding sucks.

Other things that suck include events that (a) real people would get to experience and (b) winners vs. losers are measured in tiny units. For example, say, the luge and ski jumping. Maybe I'm biased here, but the best events are anything that contains some kind of original / creative element - e.g. halfpipe + moguls + I'll even throw figure skating in there (though I'm a little sore that halfpipe events are over in 90 minutes time while NBC somehow figures out how to broadcast figure skating for two weeks straight).

Anyway. The ride home. I had the foresight to pack a shovel *just in case*. (more on that in a mintue).

You know, the roads actually weren't that bad. Backroads in VT weren't hit with too much snow, MA was pretty well plowed, CT near Hartford was pretty shitty (fuck you CT!) and we were all pretty surprised how cleaned up Manhattan was. (read: No one would have ever believed our "but we were snowed in!" excuses)

I dropped my snowboard off at work (40th & B'way - I'm heading to Colorado on Thurs!) so we had the chance to drive through the city and check things out. I took this down around 19th Street. The roads were pretty clear (and empty - I m mean, no one was out, er, it ws like 1:15am tho). Some streets had little mini snowbanks in the middle of them.

Broadway & Houston. This is going to look ugly come two days from now.

I dropped Randy and Grellan off no problem. I was a little stressed about finding a parking spot since most cars were snowed and and any empty spots had become giant snowbanks.

I found a spot right outside of my apt, though I'd need to parallel park into 26 inches of snow between two snowed-in cars.

It took me a couple of tries (and about like 10 minutes of shoveling), but I slid the Hoverpod right in there.

I don't want to sound like Johnny Range Rover Commerical, but the Hoverpod is a superstar in the snow. 80mph on the highway in shify conditions + busting through snowbanks in NYC + 90 degree turns all over the city and no fishtailing or anything. Sorry, Big Red.

Pow! (the aftermath of my shoveling)

So, that's it. 24 days on snow (should hit my 30th by, er, the weekend after next? Woo!)

I'm off to Beaver Creek, CO with MF and the rest of Bates kids on Thursday. I'll be riding Fri + Sat + Sun + Monday (and hoping to meet up w/ BFF from Medway Mike Anderson, Manlio from ITP and random teendrama fan Rachel H.) If you're going to be out in CO for Pres. Day wkd, drop me an email.

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