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Tuesday February 7, 2006

superbowl weekend part 1: (er, my) first No Data of 2006!

Saturday = No Data. This weekend was was the first weekend I've been in the city pretty much all winter (or at least in 2006). We did it up at Loreley again on Saturday night with 800 of our closest friends.

Miri was sporting the season's hottest No Data fashions (and rollerskate shoes).

Me + Randy + Grellan dj'ed again. Randy = best. Me = second best. Grellan = last place. Seriously, how many girls have to come up to me and say "Um, when is your friend's set over?" before we do something about this problem?

ps: K2 was not one of those girls.

We started late. Around 11pm. It got crowded around midnight. I have a few more of these pics.

People love to see pics of themselves dancing.

Who is the girl in the blue, btw? (er, two photos ago)

Randy and the umbrella. Jackie, sorry if I poked your eye out.

Makeout contest: Round 1. Jackie + JJ. Agressive, and I like their form. A+.

Makeout contest: Round 2. Kristin + Will. Looks forced. And blurry. B-.

Makeout contest: Round 3. K2 + dpstyles. Inventive use of props. A.

JJ, sorry I whipped you with my belt, leaving this giant red mark on your ass. (Grellan, please send me the video of the whipping in action when you have a sec)

Post makeout contest + post belt whipping was the freestyle dance contest. I placed first. (me = previous riding experience)

Though Will earned some points for his climbing-over-the-DJ-booth skills. (seriously, how did we not get kicked out of this place?)

Kevin and his devil eyes look on as Lisa gets her makeout on.

Not sure who these people are, but I was later informed that the dude on the right goes by "Fast Eddie." Works for me,

Hey Kevin.K - Another girl with devil eyes hungry eyes on the left. I don't know much, but I sure do know when something is meant to be.

Dear girls, I'm sorry, but who are you again? Your friend, dpstyles97.

And more people I don't know. But I can tell you this - the couple on the right were making out like schoolgirls for like 3 hours straight. Oh, and the girl in the red is cute. (hi there!)

I must have gave my digi to Lisa.E for a bit... and hence her tits burned into my flash memory card. I am going to say that this is right around the time when Lisa poured a full beer over my head (unprovoked! come'on! just kidding - I spit water at her first... but still, so what?!)

Drink on my head = Miri gave me a hairwash.

I tipped her $1.

Predictable. Matt + K2 + K1 + me are the easy spots... and I am guessing that's Ms. Meghan McG at 7:00?

Late night dance party...

... leads to me looking like a sweaty monkey...

.... leads to dude passed out in the background. (btw, did we ever find out who the dude was that passed out in the bathroom... only to be found by the cleaning crew at 8:30am?)

Breakdance contest broke out around 4am.

JJ pulled a sweeeeet backspin-to-a-passed-out-on-the-floor.

Randy does his best clap yer hands and say yeah.

(seriously, please feel free to kick me the next time you see me for making such a dumb indie rock reference)

Melissa the Pilot in the foreground. K2's friend + Steve Ross macking it up in the background. Pow pow!

By the way, special thanks to bartending team Miri + Sven. (Nancy, sorry you never make it into any of these pics. I hope we can still be friends.)

End of the night. Randy pulled out the Close Encounters of the Third Kind disco lights.

Which have a pretty rad "abduction" feel to them, no?

We left a little after 5am. Broken glass everywhere. (Cat, is your hand okay?)

A bunch of us caught a cab to Odessa...

... to dine on early morning pastrami and eggs.

Randy, eyes forward please.

Please note: I usually don't roll bare-chested in a hoodie - it's only because Lisa.E dumped a drink on my head (!!) and J let me borrow his sweatshirt as a replacement.

That was slightly before he passed out.

And right before we noticed Mark.M (from Flavorpill) was dining on delicious little chicken fingers in the booth right behind us!

And, the end. I got home around 6:30. Woke up at 11am (so so so hungover) and sat around till 5pm for the SuperBowl to start. (those pics coming soon)

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