Tuesday January 24, 2006

me + randy + alexa + alli + jenny + nicky in vermont (read: Die MeatRovr, die!)

Hello! Yes, another weekend in Vermont (er, is teendrama starting to read like Groundhog Day?). Me + Randy + Alli + Alexa + Jenny.J + Nicky.V make the trek up on Friday night.

When we got to the house around midnight, we found our grill smashed to pieces in the driveway - as if someone had come to the house, picked it up and threw it off the porch. Huh. So before we even unpacked our stuff, I was picking up shattered grill pieces and chasing around the propane tank that was rolling around the driveway.

Randy went to work creating a fire. Not sure how this photo came out so great (I mean, it looks like the fire is roaring, no?), but he had like 3-4 logs piled up like a stack of Legos. We (er, Randy) burned through like 4 days worth of newspapers (and cardboard boxes) trying to get the thing started. (er, we broke down and bought some mf'ing Duraflame for Saturday night)

We got in two days. Saturday = 45 degrees and sunny for most of the day. It's been super warm all month (too warm actually, I mean it's January, come'on!) and the mountain is in pretty sorry shape. Ali + Jenny + Alexa took a lesson in the morning while me + Randy + Nick made some runs. Clouds rolled in pretty quick around 3pm and Mount Snow ended up shutting down the lifts due to the lightning threats.

Nick and I actually rode up on one of the last chairs with a guy from Ski Patrol. We were able to hear on the radio how they were closing the lifts early... all this as the guy is telling us about how if lightning even strikes one chair, we're all pretty much fried. Sweet.

Back the at lodge. Day 3 of our Anti-Bruce Jacques campaign.

Sweet helmet.

Apres ski @ Cuzzins (er, I guess it is like Groundhog Day). Some Budweiser promo got us hooked up with buckets of Bud bottles. Bruce Jacques, as always, gave a slamming performance. Poor Nicky didn't get her photo opp with the Budweiser Clydesdales. Sorry.

Back the the house and the wind (er, and not the crazy VT hoodlem gangster vandels) blew the grill into pieces again. Alli vowed to get her revenge.

Apres ski -> jacuzzzeeeee -> hip hop dance party.

ps: The 2006 version of this?

Yeah, so I blurred some of these pics out.

I mean, do you really need to see photos of me dancing shirtless w/ a ski vest and a bandanna?

And girls taking their shirts off?

See? It's all for the best.

Burton Heater Vest, $79. Hanging from chandelier. Huh.

Sunday. Not sure how we were not hungover, but the girl (sans Alexa) motivated for a few runs on the bunny hill. Nicky = no need for a lesson. Jenny.J + Alli = making S turns all over the place.

As we were packing up Sunday night, I found this photo which Mount Snow will give you if you take a ski or snowboard lesson.

So, it's Jenny + Alexa + Alli all posting up with their heartthrob British snowboard instructor... and a report card (!!0 completed by the instructor of how did they did during their lesson. Not sure if you can read it, but the report card says:

Stance / Balance / Posture: "Use curvaceous slender hips more. Awesome."
Traversing Heel-side / Toe-side: "So freaking good."

Player, please. Johnny Heartthrob may have well just written "Your pants: A++. I need to get in them."

The end. Another weekend down and I'm at 18 for the season (pow!). And I'm heading back up on Wednesday night... two days @ Stratton for the Google Skip Trip (!!) and then the wkd at Mount Snow.

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