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Wednesday January 18, 2006

another weekend in vermont (aka Coldest Weekend Ever)

You know, I haven't spent one weekend in NYC so far in 2006 as I've been running away to VT every weekend. No exception over MLK wkd (even though I had the feeling crap weather would make for a shitty weekend). I mean, look at the weekend forecast...

... super warm all week in NYC (snow melts), rainy on Saturday (well, rainy days = good days cause at least it's soft), but then a cold Saturday night (and everything freezes over). The thing is, there is always that *hope* of a snowstorm - this time maybe on Sunday night.

So me + JJ + Will + Matt packed up and headed up. (I mean the last thing you want is to be sitting around in NYC on Monday after hearing that Mount Snow got dumped with 12" inches on Sunday night, right?)

So, Saturday = rainy. No surprise there. Me + Katie made it out late (damn you, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"!) and by the time we did make it out, the mountain was in sorry sorry shape (think: more April than January).

In some places, the base had totally eroded exposing ponds and streams (read: good for jumpin' over).

Will + Matt cowboy'ed up (again) with another round of pads... not only are they both sporting the hockey pads (which are rad, btw - I got a pair too), but they're now rocking the shin guards as well (shin guards = for when you biff when attempting radical maneuvers in Rail City).

Soft snow = slow, but good for hucking yourself off stuff. Jay and Will going all recekless SSX style. [video, 4.5mb]

Apres ski. Yup, Bruce Jacques was there. I'll tell you what, when he plays his regular no-schtick set, he's pretty good... it's when the wigs come on (Guns & Roses) and the school girl outfit comes out (Brittney) the whole thing goes to shit.

Will, sorry again I almost ran you over with my truck. For reals.

Sunday. Remember that weather forecast... yeah, 28 degrees and snowing, right? Well no one ever said anything about 4 degrees. Four degrees! And that's before the windchill. Come'on!

We packed up and went out anyway - I mean, we gotta get our 6 runs in to count it as day, right? The cold was making my car go crazy - doors iced shut and the auto-lock going off at random intervals (lock, unlock, lock, unlock)...

... which is how I am explaining the fact that when I went to drop everyone off, I GOT LOCKED OUT OF MY OWN CAR WITH THE ENGINE STILL RUNNING (wind blew the door shut and the auto-lock went off!).

So, here's me... waiting in the fucking freezing cold for AAA to show up. I only had this little fleece jacket (my real jacket was in the car!), and I had to borrow my brother's hat... so, I huddled up behind the car (hiding from the wind!), settled in with my $3 hot chocolate and waited 35 mins for Johnny Locksmith to ride on in.

Johnny Locksmith was actually super nice... used an inflatable airbag to pry the window open a bit and then used this long hook thing to press the lower-the-window button so we could unlock the door. Took him all of 3 minutes. I tipped him $10 bucks. Pow!

(btw, didn't we do the whole Lock The Keys In The Car thing last time we were out in Beaver Creek?)

By the time I parked the car and walked to the lodge, Katie and J were already inside talking about how it was Just Too Cold to ski. I didn't even bother to put my boots on. Will + Matt ended up taking two runs before the 5 of us called it quits. People all over the place were trying to get the $71 they dropped on lift tix refunded.

So, we packed up, ordered up some Fat Tony's Pizza (delicious) and killed some time in the bootleg ski shop next door.

By the way, hot girl in Tron underwear? I'll take 10, please.

Sunday night we hit up Deacon's Den for the most below-average food one can find in the Mount Snow Valley (all five of us have since vowed to Never Eat There Again). We may come back for drinks... I mean, how can you ignore the slamming lineup of bands this season. Sweep the Leg?! Ha!

Oh yeah, so back to the weather forecast... remember that big snowstorm that was supposed to hit Sunday night? Well sometime in the middle of the night it magically changed from "dumping snow" to "lots of wind".

And when I first walked down the stairs next morning, it looked like the Best Christmas Ever with 14 inches of fresh snow, but little did I know that only 2 inches fell and the kkkrazy wind was whipping around so violently that it blew all the new snow into this one little corner.

Me + Will + Matt made a few runs. Snow was okay, wind was pretty cold. They were making snow on some trails which made the already whipping wind feel a little bit worse. We had to use Matt's season pass as a goggle-ice-scaper after every run.

Before we left for the mountain, Katie asked me to bring some stuff out to her car... which is when I noticed that she left her window down for, er, two days. (Katie!!!)

Though, later on, after Katie had left to go back school (Syracuse) - and after she dropped off lunch for us (best sister ever!), she left
this note behind. (er, Matt was the sucker who left the window down - not Katie, not Will)

Did my 6 runs and called it quits. (Day 2 of the "Anti Bruce Jacques" propaganda campaign, btw)

Which brings me to 16 days this season!

Dens: 16
Jay: 16
Katie: 16
Matt.U: 13
Matt.H: 12
Will: 12
Katie Bell: 8
Dearborn (?): 6
Grellan: 5
Lt. Rob: 4
Randy: 0 (sucker!)

The ride home = bullshit. We left at 3pm sharp, hit traffic at every point possible (construction at MA border, congestion @ Springfield + Hartford, and a giant 5 lane accident near Stamford). I was trying to make it back in time for an 8pm dinner, JJ was trying to get back so he could finish some work. We expected to be back in the city around 7pm (3pm + 4 hours = 7pm, right?), but fast forward to 9pm (!!) and we're still sitting in this standstill CT accident traffic ("Accident Traffic: Exits 18 to 14. Expect Delays")

In a surprise move, Matt + Will (pilot & co-pilot for this leg of the journey), snuck off at exit 18 and skillfully used Hoverpod's nav + map to guide us through the backroads (er, what seemed like an impossible 8 left turns and 2 rights), through shifty little towns and somehow onto an onramp that dumped us back on Rt 95 @ exit 12 (!!)... just far enough past the accident where traffic was moving fine.

This stoopid writeup doesn't do it any justice, but it was legendary. God bless you kids.

ps: I made it to my dinner, er, 2 hour late. (read: free dessert!)

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