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Wednesday January 11, 2006

jumping on the The Year in Cities bandwagon

Was just on Kottke's site and found his list of cities he visitied last year to be pretty clever, soooooo I too am jumping on the bandwagon. (orignal idea here)

Below = a list of cities I visited in 2005. Ordered (approximately) based on how many days I spent in each place. One of more nights spent in each place. Cities marked with an * are places I visited more than once (and hence no link to a single teendrama entry).

New York, NY*
West Dover, VT*
Eastham, MA*
Medway, MA*
Boston, MA*
San Francisco, CA*
Beaver Creek, CO
Mt. Washington, MA
Las Vegas, NV
Sag Harbor, NY
Jacksonville, FL
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Atlanta, GA
Port Charlotte, FL
Burlington, MA
ps: that fact that I didn't leave the country once is pretty sad. I'll try to fix that sometime later this year.

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