Monday January 9, 2006

another weekend in VT (busted finger style)

Yes, another weekend in Vermont. Heading up = a tough call seeing that there was apparently a slamming No Data on Saturday (pics!), but since it snowed All Week Long, me + J + Jackie + Matt + Will took off on Thursday Friday night, to get a few days in.

Saturday = almost perfect weather. I took this over on the North Face of Mount Snow.

We even had a dusting on Saturday night (3 inches maybe?).

Most of us are rolling with season passes, but Jackie got sucked into the $73/day deal. $73? For real? American Ski Company can go fuck itself. Even Vail ($81) Squaw Valley ($65) is cheaper.

Saturday and the backside of Northface.

Mount Snow picked up about a foot of snow in the past week, so we journyed off into the glades...

... traveling so far into the woods that we eventually found the "You Are About to Leave the Ski Area!" warnings.

ps: Weird how these pics look almost identical to the "snow day" pics I took exactly one year ago.

Met up with Dannielle.G (from Medway fame) on Saturday afternoon...

... who took a digger (well, not really) in the glades which busted her helmet up.


Wet boots + hair dryer = sounds like a slamming idea, but I ended up melting the liner on the inside of my boots (and warping the insoles). Sweet!

Poor Will left his boots near the fire and did the same thing. He's also got some problem with his ski boots + gimp leg that requires him to shave his leg and duct tape it up before heading out each morning. God, can we be any more hardcore!?

ps: Bonus points for Will for rocking the dball shirt.

Oh yes we can! Will and I broke down and bought these pads (same ones I got JJ for Christmas) - hockey like pads for skiing - which make us both pretty much indestructable. Actually, the real benefit is that when you wreck hard you bounce right up (thank you, tailbone pad!) and don't really feel sore from the crash till, er, the next day.

ps: I am pretty much limping around today.

Katie getting all MC Escher on us up in the lodge.

By the way, we're all sporting helmets these days.

Shoops made sandwiches with little name tags in them... just like Mom + Dad used to make! I got "Old Man Shredding the Gnar"... which I guess is what the kids are calling the turkey sandwiches these days.

Day 1 of our Anti-Bruce Jacques propaganda campaign.

Jackie all disquised up in this Cozy Critter bandeezie. (er, a Christmas gift from my Mom)

We took a bunch of videos. Only one of which I'll put online (since we suck).

Here's JJ busting out some FT (FT = Fat Tricks, you poseur!) J was killing the rails, and both he and Matt got 360s down (sloppy? eh.), Katie and Will are still getting there with there 270s (A for effort, kids). I nearly split my helmet in half on a botched 540 (landing switch = harder than it looks). [video, 3.5mb]

Best trick goes to Shoops -> half-sandwich 50/50 on the pretzel rail to 360 off. [video, 6mb]

Four dudes in a hot tub + no more beers downstairs... who's the sucker who has to make a run upstairs? Oh, I know - everyone just throw out a 1 or a 2 (rock paper scissors style) and odd-man-out grabs the drinks! I lost. And ran upstairs. And just as I got upstairs, I heard J say something about "cheaters win again!" Har har.

Special thanks to Katie and Jackie for getting pizza.

Shirtless Matt, keep yer meathooks off my sister!

Packed up after the 4pm football games and headed home. Representing my Guitar Hero loyalty on Le Hoverpod.

10:32p @ Exit 40 and the Wendy's Bucks I got in my Christmas stocking are burning a hole in my pocket.

So, that's it... 14 days on snow before the 2nd week of January. With the trips I already have planned (MLK + Beaver Creek + Google ski trip) I'll be at 25 so 30 days shouldn't be a problem... and possibly 20 by the end of January (which is pretty sick in itself).

Oh, we're not at the end yet... I did something to my finger (left middle), most likely from one of the 600 snowboard wrecks I took this weekend. Probably not broken, but I taped it up good anyway.

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