Thursday January 5, 2006

new years 2006 in vermont (+ 6 days of skiing)

We did New Years up in Vermont for the 2nd year in a row (sorry, no pics from 2004/05 - teendrama sucks!). You know, New Years in VT is so much better than dealing with New Years in NYC, Boston, etc. You see, up in Vermont you're kind of just stuck there - there's no better parties to go to, no $100 bar covers, etc... just a bunch of random people and 800 beers. And if you can't make good times out of that, it's pretty much your own fault.

So anyway, we had a good crew up there this year - 13 people total? This pic is actually from, er, our *last* day riding (sorry, Rob + friends for not making the cut).

I journeyed up on Tuesday night (right after Christmas) and met up with J and Katie and Will and Matt.

Holiday week = holiday lines. And this is about as bad I've ever seen it. (read: singles line!)

Okay, let's start with Wednesday - I skiied a half day with Katie in the pouring rain. Chairlift up = almost zero visibility.

Pouring rain = waterlogged gloves = Katie Milking the Cow. [video, 8.5mb]

Oh, and waterlogged gloves = prune hands.

In the lodge after Day 1. (Wait. Rob, did you even ski with us this day?) Old news if you're a fan of the teendrama, but Mt. Snow has this apres ski bar called Couzins. Not a bad scene, but the regular guitar playing entertainment usually ends up being a trying-too-hard trainwreck. Lucky for us, Wednesday was all about the back-up performer who specializes in GnR, Oasis and Dave Matthews covers (read: perfect).

Surprise surprise, but we had some tallboys...

... and Will busted out some magic shuffling tricks....

... while I penned a letter to the management...

... and Jay crushed beer cans over our favorite Lt's head.

On the way out, Rob bet J a buck he couldn't smash his head on this sign. Everyone wears helmets these days, people! (I apologie for the shotty camera work. read: crunked). [video, 12mb]

Saw this dude in the lodge sporting a classy a "Sex Police K-9 Doggystyle" shirt on. Come'on! Blurry cause I took this pic on the sly - drive-by style.

Day 2 = rain freezes overnight = icy = one of the worst days I've ever been skiing.

Day 3 = after 24 hours of snowmaking, the conditions weren't half-bad. We spent some quality time in the snowboard park. Matt spent some quality time taking a beatdown from the rails.

Melissa + Rina (Rob's friends) and Jackie and Meghan (Katie's friends) made the trip on in Friday night. JJ cooked up some chicken parm... perhaps the largest crew we've ever fit around the table? (special thanks to Big Dig for bringing the newly repaired kitchen table back up!)

New Year's Eve vs. three days of skiing in a row. This is what the house looked with only 25 minutes 'till 2006:

Will passed out on the couch.

Shoops passed out on the floor.

Sleeepy... though this is a nothing a little Champagne Nascar can't fix.

12:08am and the kitchen turned into a hip hop dance party. (is this Jackie?)

12:16am and Rob is trying his bestest to woo the ladies (er, his girlfriend) with his magic skillz.

12:26am and Katie's poaching my digicam.

We woke up on New Years Day to find 5 inches of new snow. We got out there pretty early (9am?), rode hard all day (best day of the season by far), and we're all pretty beat up by the end. I busted up my knee near the end of the day (5 crashes in one run = I suck). I spent Sunday night icing my knee and watching "Flavor of Love", the Flavor Flav version of The Bachelor.

Oh, Will + Kristin. Hi.

Oh, back to my bum knee... Monday and I rode on it anyway (read: dumb idea). Did I tell you about how I went to see the doctor about my horrible Winter Cough(tm) and when I went to take my shirt off, I jolted my freshly discloated shoulder (er, dislocated on day #5 of the season). Dr. Lewis was all, "Um, what's wrong with you?" and as I told him my sad snowboard park story, he was like "What are you, 30? Don't you think you're getting a little old for your snowboard tricks?" (hmm... perhaps??? Though I'm 29, damnit!)

Sigh. Some nice man took this pic from the summit - I think we've got all the 2006 season pass holders representing.


Forgot to mention that Katie got her Brand New Skis stolen Sunday night (!!). Fuckers. In 20 years of skiing, I've never been with anyone who's gotten their shit stolen. (Luckily they were bought on an AmEx - theft protection style - so with a magic wave of a police report, she should be reimbursed 100%)

And onto Monday night. My goal for the season still stands at 30 days - kicking off 2006 with 11 isn't too bad a start.

Left VT around 7:30pm, rolled into the Wendizzles around 10pm. "One Spicy Chicken sandwich (with cheese), please." Ugh.

(ps: my knee feels 800% better and forecast for this wkd is snow)

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