Tuesday December 20, 2005

Will.S presents Holiday Brunchaoke (bonus: ad hoc, late night No Data)

Last week I got an email from Will that said:

December 17th
Sing Sing on St. Marks
2-5 pm
Egg nog, holiday punch, food and Total Eclipse of the Heart
... so I want to send a special thanks to Will for throwing this together and Lisa.E and Janelle (because I stole just about all these pics from their Flickrs). Me + Randy + Lindsey rolled in around 4pm (despite Ali's warning that we'd be too crunked to hit up her birthday party).

All Around Good Guy Kevin K. had some "Wanted Dead or Alive" cued as I walked in the door. Grellan should know better than to call mid-performance.


In the style of Pearl Jam (??).

In the style of Bonnie Tyler.

(for the record, the only way to do this is in the style of the wedding scene from Old School... "Every fucking now and then I fall apart!")

Dball shoutouts.

Room was packed (read: steamy like a sauna). (remember the Karaoke Function Hall we had for Alex's bday???)

Lindsey + tallboys = love.

Leftovers from Will's Bakery. Someone old me the green stuff was Frosted Flakes and marshmallows? (Lies!)

Okay, there's about a 7 hour delay from the last photo and this one. In that time I (a) drank pitchers at Grassroots, (b) took a nap, (c) ordered some General Tso chicken, (d) went to Ali's bday party @ Lolita (happy bday, btw), (e) followed Lockhart to Fontana's (aka Worst Bar Ever... and after being open for only weeks!), (f) got tossed from the VIP room at Fontana's, (g) dragged everyone to Loreley.

We got to Loreley at like 2am (?) to find 6 people in the downstairs dance party zone. The upstairs bartenders had their iPod on shuffle (which was driving us crazy), so Lisa asked if we could DJ.

None of us had an iPods (never mind any CDs), but I found a couple leftovers from Kevin's 30th after sticking my hand under the mixer...

... and did my bestest to create some ad hoc No Data magic...

... which actually worked out okay. (Ssssh, but I played a bunch of repeats). Janelle, thanks again for letting me swipe all yer pics(, sucker!)

I handed DJ duties off to KK and The Assimilated Negro...

... which kept the Brian Van + Miri love connection going. [video, 2mb]

Miri's secret box? Huh. (It's filled with cupcakes)

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