Tuesday December 20, 2005

no data holiday party v.2005

Last Thursday = the follow-up to last year's slamming No Data Holiday Party @ 12". This time around? Eh, not so crowded (it was wicked cold out + threat of transit strike), no video crew in tow (last year that French video crew was filming a piece on dodgeball)...

... and the PowerPoint was a little last minute (er, I made it like an hour before we started playing music), but still the whole scene was a pretty good time. [video, 9mb]

Thursday @ midnight was also when the transit strike was supposed to hit (it got postponed till, er, today). Joe had the teevee on so we could watch the strike countdown. I cued up some Quad City DJs (Choo Choo Train!). It really was something special.

(btw, video lifted from Katie Mc.K's wedding)

Grellan, occupied with his company holiday's party, didn't roll in till around midnight... crunked (like, crunked) and empty handed (after lots of talk about showing up w/ 800 company holiday party girls).

Dianne sent me this pic of me trying to copy Grell's signature dance maneuvers ("either THE cutest thing I've ever seen or the FUNNIeST thing I've ever seen"). Btw, not sure who's hat that this (Becca?)...

... or how my tie ended up hanging from this thing on the ceiling.

ps: Do I always look like a muppet?

No Data groupies Lisa + Emily + Cat started up late night dance party.

Kevin and Lock look on unamused (and, er, kind of saucy).

Use of props encouraged.

One of these girls is named Lindsey. The other is named Leslie.

Randy. Saucy. No idea who these other two girls are.

Smoke machine?

Late late some girl rolled in wearing this fake blinged out dollar sign pendant (awesome, btw). I got to borrow it for exactly 45 seconds.

I never noticed that 12" had such a cool ceiling. (This pic reminds me a lot of this one.)

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