Tuesday December 20, 2005

three pics from more than a week ago

Three random pics from a holiday party hopping on a random Monday night (12/20). We started off at Common Ground (bonus trivia: owned by Beaver Creek Pete's friend from high school) where the Onion had an open bar (all the whiskey you can drink). Unfourtinately, they ran out of whiskey after about 40 mins (no thanks to WIll and Carney's triplefisting efforts).

Next stop = Franklin Street where we crashed a holiday party for boutique fashion store? (no idea... Grellan was in the lead). We met up w/ Nikki (1:00) and her friend (7:00, sorry I forgot your name), grabbed beers out of a trashcan full of ice and stuck around till the drinks were gone.

Then we caught a cab to Spring Lounge (er, where else?) where we met up a bunch of random girls, including this girl Allison who is married to my friend-of-a-friend Bill T. (from Syracuse). Huh.

Hmmm... that's about it. Will and Nikki. Pretty crunked up for a Monday. (oh wait, didn't we go to Happy Ending after this? Free vodka, right? Just remembered that. Hmm. Carney + Will + Grell + Nikki... I think I stayed for 1/2 a drink then went to bed. Good times.)

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