Monday December 12, 2005

5th day on snow = (partially) dislocated shoulder

Skipped out on all the holiday party goodness in NYC this weekend to check out the 12" of new snow that fell up in Vermont. Me + JJ + Will McGriddle + Matt.U + Christian in the Meat Rover (a term I hope to never use again, btw). Little Sister Katie + Sarah + Greg.B + Brent + Matt Hannan met us up there. 10 people = full house.

Saturday = excellent conditions, though super super crowded. First big storm of the season fell on the same day as "Kids Pay Their Age Day!" which means the lines were long and the trails were packed with lots of kids in helmets zipping around. Mt. Snow was pretty unprepared for the crowds - only a few lifts open in the morning (hence the lines) and we found that they ran out of food (!!) when we went in for lunch in Summit Lodge.

(that's a telescope in the foreground, btw)

With the lines nice and long, we rode as singles most of the day (read: the singles line moves faster than waiting in line to get 4 friends on a chair together). Most of the time you end up riding with Two Bratty Kids and a Dad or Three Middle School Kids Who Just Learned How to Curse, but every now and then you get Super Cute Girl Who Is Skiing Alone Today.

Will McG and Co. won the single line lottery and ended up riding up with S.C.G.W.I.S.A.T. a few chairs after I did. I think our apres ski sales pitch may have been a little too heavy. Rumored to be overheard:

Chair #74: "I'm going to ask you out when we hit Pole #12. (... silence ... ) So, want to make out?"
Her: "Wait, are you guys with the kid who works at Google?"

Apres ski, with Bruce Jacques (tip: pronounced "Jacks") on the mic again. I think we almost have his schtick memorized: Madonna to a s Sweet Child of Mine to a Sweet Caroline, etc. Every. Single. Weekend. (is this really any better than the Snow Barn?)

You may remember from last time what happened when we combined One Full Day of Skiing + 3 Tallboys. No such madness this time, though it's worth noting that Sarah was the first of the season to break the Four Tallboys barrier.

Apres-apres ski was reserved for christening the halfpipe.

Will McG broke out his brand new helmet for the occasion.

Harder than it looks...

... almost to the point where I don't think snowdeck-on-halfpipe is Meant To Be. (next week = try my good ol' snowboard?)

ps: That's right, "an aggressive style of skateboarding."

While me + JJ were ripping it up, Matt.U spend some quality time making snow angels.

About 30 minutes later when Jonathan remembered that, oh, he forgot to grab my snowboard while I went to pick up the car. Thanks, J!

We're skipping ahead with the photos here. No pics on Sunday, which was a little ski'd off but still pretty nice. We probably made 3x as many runs on Sunday thanks to the much much shorter lines.

We spent a bunch of time on Northface before making a run through the park on our way to lunch. Pre lunch park run = best of the year so far (landed two big switch threes), but then right after lunch, tried to cowboy up with a possbile switch five and - pow! - busted my shoulder up. Not fully dislocated (er, like the high school / college days where I'd be in a sling for 2 weeks) but pretty close. Today = wicked sore (and I can't lift my arm above my nips)

On that same last run (which was most likely cursed as both J and Will called "last run" while still on the chair), J took a digger while skiing backwards (like a Slam Your Head Into the Ground digger). Lucky for him he was wearing a helmet (all the kids are doing it).

Oh, so with that (me = broken, J = broken) we called it a day, went back to the house and started packing up. Found this note from my dad regarding the cleanliness of the sheets.

Lounged around and watched football / checked-email (wi-fi!) for a bit. Note J's sweet desktop wallpaper.

... we left around 8pm after wrestling with the flue (does the "confused" pose look familiar?)

Hit up T.C.'s for dinner. Matt Hannan and I has a race to the death with the Kiddie Menu word search... only to both get stuck on the last one ("sponges") for like 10 minutes. Confused, we passed the puzzle around and the rest of the crowd confirmed it - stoopid puzzle does not contain the word "sponges".

I'm sure 8 year olds all around New England are going ape shit tying to figure this one out.

Anyway, the end. Parked the car down on Delancey around 1:20am. Yawn.

Five days of riding before Christmas = not too bad.
Dislocated shoulder after five days = not so good.

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