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Friday December 9, 2005

fancy hotel, meet rowdy spring lounge kids

Thursday. The Wired showroom was throwing another party courtesy of Flavorpill. We got there early (again) thinking it would be packed (free drinks + some fancy DJ) but alas, it was pretty quiet. We downed two freebee Dos Equis, grabbed our new friend Theo and headed over to Spring Lounge.

We randomly met up with Steve Ross on the street and Youngna through the miracle of dodgeball, had 800 beers at Spring Lounge, nearly got in a tussel with some salty fireman at the bar after he called Randy "Skipper", and chatted up these two random girls from Smith College. Grellan rocking his 1am hair at 9:30pm. Theo planning her escape.

Got the text from Slavin that he was hanging out at The Hotel on Rivington so we packed up and headed out.

Had to pose against the firebox on Spring + Mulberry for old time's sake. Listen, I'm like 5'9. This thing is taller than me. And Gabe hurdled it. Legend. (Read the story and watch the video. Come'on, it's Friday!)

ps: #229

The Hotel on Rivington: the fanciest hotel I've ever done been at. We whisked by the bouncers in the front, snuck our way up the elevator and into the lobby bar ("Lobby bar is for guests only, sir") and met up w/ Slavin and his entourage.

Fourtinately for us (them?) most of the high rollers had called it quits already. Passed Jeff Jarvis on the way out. One of the German VCs representing on the right. Dan.M and Mike.S from Team Socialight also saying hello.

Special thanks to the entourage for the champagne and Brooklyn Lagers. Youngna rounded up some of the suits for a photoshoot. (YP, pics? uploaded some pics)

From: Randy
Subject: Re: the cosby show
Date: December 9, 2005 12:32:06 PM EST
To: Dens, Grellan

(last night we were getting these super-cool group portrait photos taken by youngna in the rivington hotel with the rich germans and just before she takesthe picture, dennis whips his shirt off. they had no idea. it was hilarious.)

More photo shoots in the backroom.

They asked us to leave right around here. (Sorry, cute bartender)

So we got in the elevator and went up to the 20th floor. No luck finding the exit to the roof so we just ran around the hotel hallways for a while then left. In bed by 2:30 (ugh).

Woke up this morning to a good 4 inches of snow in NYC with an even better forecast for Vermont. (Two days of snow followed by a warm Saturday = perfect!)

Sorry in advance to all the holiday parties I'm skipping out on this wkd (Google + Spiers' bday + Pete.S + Sarah.B). I hope we can still be friends.

Leaving around 8pm tonight. Wendy's @ Exit 40 by 9:30. Last call at Snow Barn at 12:05am. Five dudes in the hoverpod = Meat Rover. Good times.

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