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Wednesday December 7, 2005

new dodgeball features (read: shameless plug)

I don't usually use The TeenDrama to shamelessly pimp out Dodgeball, but we built a bunch of new stuff recently that we're trying to spread the word about. For anyone that doesn't know about dodgeball, you can use it to broadcast your location to friends (@ Ace Bar), shout out messages (! F train sucks) or look up the address/cross street of a venue (Magician?) via via text messaging. For those of you in NYC, send messages to nyc@dodgeball.com.

Anyway, here's some of the new stuff we've been working on:

ace bar?pool table - We recently added "tags" to dodgeball website - the idea being that people can tag venues with the things others can find there (e.g. Ace Bar = pool table + buck hunter + skeeball + jukebox + darts + brooklyn lager + lunchboxes). Anyway, you can now search these tags from your phone - say you're looking for a pool table near Ace Bar send "ace bar?pool table". Or a fireplace near The Magician (magician?fireplace) or a Pac Man table near Botanica (botanica?pac man). No one else is doing anything like this - it's pretty slick.

digest - If you're getting too many messages per night, send "digest" to switch to digest mode. With digest mode, you'll get one msg per hour letting you know where everyone is. To switch back to regular messages, just send "digest" again.

on/off - Use this to turn messages off for the night. If you end up motivating, send "on" (or just check-in) to start getting mesasges again. (btw, when you send "off" we automatically turn you back on at 7am)

locate - Maybe you've turned yourself "off" for the night but are curious as to where people are hanging out... but send "locate" and dodgeball will spit back a list of where you can find your friends (last 3 hours).

snapshot - Send "snapshot" to get back a list of the most checked-in places in the past 3 hours (this looks at all dodgeball users, not just your friends).

hotspot - Kind of like snapshot, but send "hotspot" and we'll send back a list of the most checked-in places over the last 3 months. I use this when I travel to a new city to suggest places to check out.

start/stop - Like on/off, but for longer than one night. Use this if you're going on vacation or whatnot. Sending "stop" tells us not to send you any more messages to your phone until you send "start".
Oh, two more things: for a list of everything you can do with dodgeball, check out The Glossary or to sign up head over to www.dodgeball.com

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