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Monday December 5, 2005

will the kids ever get enough of the No Data?

Snowy saturday = another No Data @ Loreley. I met up w/ Xtina + John.G early, dined on a fine sausage / sauerkraut sampler then met up with Randy + Grell downstairs. 10:30 rolls around and the place was empty (besides the people still eating downstairs). It was s starting to look like the Worst No Data Ever(tm) before we hit midnight and magically the place was packed.

Special guests included the Girls from Apt 1RE (well, Rachel and Kalyna in the middle), Welcome Back to NYC (for the 4th time) Sarah.B on the right and Ms. Jenn on the left.

Youngna, still sans camera, rolled in an iPod voice recorder for a replacement (lame... or at least I thought till she just emailed me the clips... hahahahahah. YP, please put them online.)

ps: Don't forget to donate to the Save Youngna Camera Fund!!!

Special Guests Round 2: soon-to-be rockstar with the kkkkrazy yellow eyes, Ms. Caitlin K.

Round 3: Meghan McG + um, er, what's your name again?

Hi. Who took this? Lisa? (I'm assuming Lisa had my camera based on the aggregate number of cleavage shots I found on my flash card)

No thanks to Grellan, dance party went pretty much non stop from around 12am, to, um, 6am or so.

Three more special guests for you (er, Round 4?). Kat + Lisa + Erin Emily (here)...

... getting her strangle on.

And all up my nose? (huh?)

3am? More of this. Erin Emily + Grellan + Lisa...

... who apparently abandoned her dress somewhere in between these two photos.

Which was most likely around the same time I got this rip all up in my crotch (nearly exposing my bits and bobs).

Teendrama Recommendation Engine: People who enjoyed this photo of my nuts, also enjoyed these photos.

4am? Sepcial thanks to Steve Ross for stepping up (now that Youngna's on the disabled list - donate!)

Grellan's A-game.

Not quite sure when I turned into Johnny Sweaty Monkey. (not to be confused with Sweaty Andy)

5am. Dance party still going - the girls (brilliantly) pulled down the projector screen as a backdrop.

We called it quits around 5:40am.

Though this dude called it quits much earlier. (read: Drunk Guy Jenga)

Left around 5:40...

... to be met by the first snowfall in NYC (read: snowball battle royale)

We walked down Stanton Street...

... slid through the park off Chrystie Street [video, 10m].

Results: 1st place = Randy, 2nd place = dpstyles97, BDiz = disqualified.

Randy down on Stanton and Allen.

I got up early (12p!) on Sunday to check out some apts (open-house style). First stop was a 1 bdrm on 2nd & Ave A... though after I walked up there, I realized that I lost my Open House Cheatsheet (time + address + apt number) somewhere along the way so I called it quits and walked all the way home...

... where I found my stoopid cheatsheet 10 steps away from stoopid apartment. So, I took a caught a cab from the LES to Tribeca to catch Open House #3...

... and got in a cab-car-accident on the way. Sweet. (Tribeca apt = rad, btw... but seems so far far away).

(the end)

ps: No Data Holiday Party 2.0 = Thursday 12/15 @ 12". Mark it on your iCal. (1.0 pics here)

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