Friday December 2, 2005

hello, holiday party season!

Our wise friend CZ once said, "Only suckers pay for drinks in December." I suppose we officially kicked off Holiday Party Season last night, stopping by both the Wired store and the Adidas store down in Soho to collect our free drinks.

Wired store first - they don't sell anything, it's just a showroom for all the gear that shows up in the pages of Wired magazine. Of the more interesting items we got to play with was this BrainBall game ($19,000!), where you put on this headband with little metal things that touches your forehead, sit at this special table across from another person (who is also wearing the headband), and then try to relax more than your opponent. The ball moves across the table based on who is more relaxed.

Noah In The Wired Jacket said the game worked "by measuring alpha waves", but more likely the headband is monitoring heart rate / pulse (?) (not unlike other biofeedback video games).

Anyway, Dianne whipped me.

Then she whipped Jen. [video, 12m]

But then she got tooled by Johnny Guy In A Suit.

So we left and went around the corner to the Adidas store.

Packed with breakdancing hipsters. Dianne and I found Grellan + Ali + Alexa in the corner spilling drinks all over themselves (and Adidas merchandise).

(Overheard: "I was dancing by myself in the changing room. That's how crunked I am.")

All the rum you can drink, courtesy of Bacardi's "Live Like You Mean It" campaign (retarded).

Then we took a cab to Essexy @ 12" (Essexy = girls dj night). Crowded + crunked = we didn't last past 12:30a. Youngna showed up with cookies...

... but without her digicam (It got stolen in Barcelona, remember?). Btw, be a pal and donate to the Save Youngna Camera Fund . I told her I'd match whatever she gets dollar-for-dollar (401k style) so cowboy up.

Oh anyway, she temporarially replaced her digi with this Polaroid. The rest of the pics are up on Le Flickr.

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