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Thursday December 1, 2005

dpstyles = special guest apperance on DriveTime

About two weeks ago, in the 6 hours between the conclusion of Kevin's 30th birthday and before my talk at HBS, I spent some quality time with Ravi and Sonia as as guest on their in-car talkshow / podcast, DriveTime. Click the video to watch.

My pal-from-work Dolapo was kind enough to provide a play–by-play:
1:28 - nice shirt dude. How come you don't dress like that to work?
2:01 - what happened here? Is stuff edited out?
2:30 - good lord, turn off that blinker.
2:36 - leverage!
3:10 - what's he doing here?
6:58 - this isn't an answer to her question >:o
8:12 - yet you've never had the spider there.
8:20 - this thing is edited to shit, what happened there? I feel like I'm missing all the juicy bits.
8:49 - hah
9:06 - nice!
9:34 - no she's not :(

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