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Tuesday November 29, 2005

six day thanksgiving adventure (+ first day of the season @ mount snow)

Six days worth of Thanksgiving pics. You ready for this? I think there's like 60 of them? (Longest. Teendrama. Entry. Ever?)

Start on Tuesday night where after a quick stop at Andy Krucoff's See You In Four Weeks When You Get Back From Israel party @ Lolita, me + JJ + special Thanksgiving guest British Jess started the trek back to Medway (oh, don't forget Jon Marcel and his pal, English Jess, who won the Free Ride Home raffle). We got home around 1am.

Wednesday afternoon = uneventful. Ran around doing Thanks.g errands - bought some scratch tickets, got my headlight fixed, and saw Harry Potter (all 5 hours of it) with my sister.

Wednesday night = Medway reunion at Sabina Doyle's Mickey Cassidy's. As legend has it, every year, the one townie bar in my cow-tipping small hometown of Medway, MA is packed wall to wall the night before Thanks.g with pretty much everyone you knew growing up.

Me + MF + Rob dined on fine chicken parm subs at Papa Gino's before heading on over to brave the crowds. We picked up Mike.D and his girlfriend Jocelyn on the way.

ps: not a typo.

Regardless of what the digi has to say, I can assure you that Lt. Rob is NOT losing his hair.

Rob laying the groundwork with the British Kitten. (let it be known that he's no MF when it comes to macking on Thanks.g. guests). By the way, that's a lot of beers.

MF + JC? A ploy to reinact New Years 1997?

More reinactment = me + Maria Parchesky + a re-do of out 1994 Ring Dance shot.

(Dear Mom, please please please send me a scan on the official Ring Dance photo. Thanks, xo - dpstyles97)

Late night we packed 6 in the Hoverpod and brought it back to Hill Street.

Rob all mustachioed up.

Jess all flowered up.

A 30-pack from Medway Liquors led to this...

... which was followed by this. (thank the sweet lord Mom + Dad removed the stripper pole).

Gosh, can you two just make out already?!

Fast forward to 11am and waking up to some surprise Thanksgiving morning snow.

Relatives started rolling in around 2pm. Uncle Junior busted out his signature Clams Casino (three cheese version = delicious) soon after.

When I went to the Superbowl with Jonathan last year (Pats beat the Eagles), everyone was chanting "Dy-nas-ty! Dy-nas-ty!" which we tried to remix, getting people to yell "Cut! That! Meat!" (er, the Peyton Manning Citibank commercial??), which actually kind of worked. Um, yeah.

15 guests total?

Jess + Jonathan and some delicious little Pillsburry Cressant Rolls.

We've been using the same placeholder nametags since, I dunno, the early 1980s (since before Katie was born?). They've taken some damage over the years: Exhibit A - I ripped Jonathan's in half probably about 20 years ago, and it looks as if he countered by ripping mine in half. Exhibit B - Katie's (bottom) caught on fire a few years back.

Jess got assigned the wildcard nametag. Previously belonging to Amanda (2001) and Major Kamel (some Egyptian Air Force office my dad was "doing business with" back in the late 1980's.)

Jess, surprised that Thanksgiving dress code was so informal, gave JJ a Clark Kent dinner-table makeover.

Okay, so that's about the end of Thanksgiving. I passed out on the floor thanks to a tryptophan overdose, woke up and watched a DVD-and-a half-worth of Lost episodes.

Friday morning we got up nice and early, split into two teams (me + JJ vs. Katie + BK) and headed up to Vermont. Team RR made a pit stop to pick up Grellan who caught the 4:50am bus from NYC -> Springfield. We were late picking him up thanks to all the detours in downtown Springfield as a result of the Thanksgiving Day Parade aftermath.

ps: Curious George!

We got to the house @ Mount Snow around 12:30. Pretty good coverage (much better than last year), 14 trails (er, which really means 7 trails after you discount all the Upper Canyon vs. Lower Canyon bullshit).

A clever little shot through the telescope. (I'll try it on super high power magnification next time)

Befoper we head to the lodge, a little future weekend foreshadowing for late night / apres ski snowboard-on-skateboard halfpipe sessions.

Prediction: broken arm (not necessarially me, but someone). I mean, it can't be any more dangerous than this.

Friday = First day on snow...

... and JJ and I score one of the GOLD CHAIRS!

(last year Mt. Snow painted every 50th chair gold in celebration of their 50th anniversary. 27 days last year and I think I got to ride, maybe, 2 gold chairs?)

Conditions were okay - good snow and not really skiied off, but really really cold and windy. We got our 6+ runs in (actually I think we hit 7) which is the minimum requirement to count it as a "day on snow" before calling it a day.

Rob Moore met up with us early Friday night where he was treated to some of Fat Tony's subs and 6 episdoes worth of Lost DVDs. I went with the Sausage and Meatball combo.

We headed to the SnowBarn late night. Loyal Teendrama readers may remember the Snow Barn from such slamming nights last season as... wait, no Snow Barn photos on Teendrama? For real?

Anyway, the Snow Barn is the cloest bar to our place (200 yards away), usually has some b-list bands (though last year was Northen State + DJ Spooky + Tone Loc!), features the Hook Game(tm) (I promise, more on this someday), and is most llikely filled wall to wall with dudes (aka Dude Factory). Our mission this season is to find alternate apres-apres ski plans (Deacon's Den, perhaps?).

Grellan and I battled South American tourists at table soccer (USA: 1, South Americans: 1)...

... before Katie knocked a drink on the poor lad's lap and we headed home.

Saturday. Jonathan cooked up some breakfast. Katie and British Jess went to get their ski rentals on.

Me + Rob + Jess on the Summit Quad.

Early season Apres Ski is tough. We checked in on Friday afternoon and this guy Bruce Jaques (who sadly monopolizes the Mount Snow apres scene) was there singing Folk Songs to kids running around with Turkey Day hats.

When we came back on Saturday, he was back onto his normal one-man-cover-band schtick (you know, Sweet Caroline, Bon Jovi, etc.) which is more-often-than-not sometimes too much to take. (I mean, once / twice a season would be good, but if you're at Mount Snow every weekend, the whole act gets a little repetitive.)

Anyway, our strategy for the night: get so crunked that there'd be no way we could possibly make it to the Snow Barn / Dude Factory for a second night. Our calculations suggested that three 24oz tallboys should do the trick.

One drink in and me + Jonathan + Rob agreed to have a moustache growing contest (I only lasted 3 days... I can't roll into work looking like a 7th grader!)

Two drinks in and Jess invented this amazing talboy necklace...

... which I was able to use to hold her hostage Princess Leia + Jabba the Hut = in love style.

On round #3, I gave my camera to Katie for a minute and this is what she came back with...

... who had no excuse for photographing cougars in the wild (er, 2 tables back).


The Lt. all crunked up / dolled up Rambo style.

Conclusion: A full day of skiing + three tallboys = rowdy. There was a table full of girls sitting behind us who were mildly annoyed when droplets of sweet sweet tallboy were splashed on their faces after JJ smashed this empty 24oz into my head. (See?! Rowdy.)

(epilogue: we did not meet up with those girls late night)

Wait, and then this squirrel came around?

Late night + rowdy = dance party in old ski gear? Did this really happen?

Sunday. Okay, onto Day 3 - less windy, about 30 degrees and still pretty good snow, but with only 6-7 trails open the mountain was super crowded. I took this up on the North Face.

British Jess, aka British Kitten, aka English Muffin (her idea, not mine), leaving parting gifts on the Mt. Snow House Christmas Tree.

Um, so that's about it. We had the ceremonial wiping of last year's stats off the whiteboard...

... replacing them with 2005-2006 season stats. I'm shooting for 30 days this season (and hoping for at least 5 before Christmas), though 61 degrees in NYC today (55 and raining in VT) isn't helping things much.

ps: I forgot to mention that Rob left at around 4:30am Sunday morning, got about 10 minutes away from the house on Rt. 100 before hitting a deer (!!). "The thing exploded all over my car" - his words, not mine. Rob + rental car = okay though, no damage.

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