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Tuesday November 22, 2005

LVHRD Master Diaster Fashion Dual (take 2)

Me + Randy + Grellan DJ'ed LVHRD's 2nd Master Disaster Fashion Duel last night @ Rock Candy. Super clever event: Two designers (Corey Pak vs. Rebecca Turbow), each gets a model (Julia vs. Angel), a basket of raw materials and an hour to design an outfit that fits the night's theme ("villainy"). A panel of judges from the fashion world crowns a winner at the end. [more details here]

ps:: Recap from the 1st Fashion Duel here.

We played music and dined on $8 beers while the girls cut + sewed.

DJ Randizzle (sorry, man) gets a shoutout from Julia With the Pointy Chest.

The championship trophy went to Team Corey + Julia. A fashion shoot with spotlights and fans blowing ensued. Surreal.

ps: Heading back to Medway for Thanksg tonight (sssh), perhaps with British Jess in tow. Master plan = Foxwoods tonight, townie bars on Wednesday, eat on Thursday, ski Fri + Sat + Sunday. Come'on, Nor'easter!

ps2: And the kids at LVHRD just put a bunch of photos up on Le Flickr.

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