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Tuesday November 22, 2005

weekend recap: kevin's 30th + harvard biz school + pats game

A few days late with the recap here, but I'm trying to see if i can stretch this into weekend recap, so shut up. Friday = Part II of Kevin.K's 30th bday blowout @ Loreley.

For extra credit, check out pics from Manlio + Grellan + Dianne + British Jess.

DJ duties split between Kevin + Alex + Gabe + Randeez (here) + me + Grellan (a.k.a. Worst. Set. Ever.)

ps: jk, Grell. er, not really.

Alex sporting our brand new dodgeball t-shirts (pow!). Super KB sporting, um, well, KB just hanging out.

I was planning on only staying out till 1am or so since I had to catch a train to Boston in the morning (more on that in a second), but that plan didn't work out so well...

... I ended up leaving around 3:30 and swunging by Harry's apt (Harry = dodgeball employee #3!) to see if his "It's 30 Degrees in November and I'm Having a Party on My Roof" party was still going on. After buzzing the wrong apt for like 10 minutes, me + Krucoff snuck our way upstairs to find a bunch of people making out and a crunked Harry nursing a 40oz bottle of the cheapest tequila that could be found in the LES. I was in bed by 4am.

Zzzzz. I got up at 7:30am, left my apt at 8am and caught the 9am train to Boston. Ravi and Sonia, the hosts of the hit in-car talkshow "DriveTime", picked me up from at around 1:30 and gave me a ride Harvard Business School.

[video of me on DriveTime coming soon, I promise]

2:45pm @ HBS where I was on a panel about Social Networking. How'd it do? Average to below-average. Blame it on the being out late, or whatever, but I scuffed the first 3 questions with such slamming responses as:

"Um, well, um, er, so I was... sorry but I just lost my train of thought..."

"Well, with MySpace... [insert unintelligible banter here]... silence.... Thank you"
Oh man, I feel like such a monkey even just writing this up. Talk was about an hour an a half - 50 mins of panel discussion and about 30 minutes of audience Q&A. I pulled it together after about 20 mins into the panel, but hoo-boy, those 20 minutes were sloppy.

Mike.d and Adam.K where in the audience (silently mocking me for sure). We met up with MF (who was studying it up at the Boston Public Library), grabbed a drink at the old Havard Grill (can't remember the new name) and then MF and I drive back to Medway.

Diner on some Bertucci's rigatoni + brocolli + chicken with Mom and Dad...

... then went to Mickey Cassidy's, the local townie bar, for a drink (or 4). Jonathan (who was out in Las Vegas for work) called and asked me to make his football pics for him (using my tried-and-true Randomizer system). I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget.

Next morning = me + Dig + MF + Mr. MF went over to Foxboro to check out the Pats vs. Saints game. We got in eaaaarrrrrllyyy (like 10:45am?) and sat around drinking $12 bloody marys until the 1pm kickoff.

View from the red seats.

View of the MF's.

And view of me and Mike, post Italian sausage hangover.

View of my Dad's sorry ass football picks. Not to go back to The Randomizer (officially known as the "dpstyles football pick generator 2000 - gambling edition(tm)"), but I'm still battling out in Alex's 50+ man football pool - legitimate "educated" football picks vs. my random coin-flip system. I'm currently in 4th place, (suckers!)

(I should also add that Jonathan, who's picks were made through The Randomizer, won the pool this week with 12 wins!!!)

Halftime is for dining on sausages and lobster roll.

Pats won 24-17 (though the end of the game was closer than it sounds).

Headed home to find Mom cooking up some Beef Wellington (actually, it wasn't Beef Wellington, and to tell you the truth, I don't even know what Beef Wellington is, but that's what we're going to call it).

Before heading to the train station in Providence, I took a picture of my mom's trophy coffee table - she places all the newspaper clippings + report cards + prom photos in here for show. With all the dodgeball + Google stuff, I've owned the table for more than a year (suck it!)...

... though Jonathan found some way to squeeze his record of eating 23 Wendy's nuggets up in there. Apparently he bowled a 203, too. Well done, JJ!

(the end)

ps: Amtrak home + Lost Season 1 DVD = the best thing ever. I got through 5 episodes and didn't even care that the Amtrak was stuck in a tunnel for 35 minutes.

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