Friday November 11, 2005

jill's 29th bday + we love you, miss taxi internacional!

Hey, happy 29th birthday Jill! Jill = one of my bestest friends since Day 1 of college. As the legend goes, she picked me out of the Freshman Facebook the summer before college and declared that we'd be Best Friends Forever.

A bunch of us met up a Niagara in the East Village...

... by a bunch of us I mean, (hi, I forgot your name, you on the left) + Scuba Steve + er, Jill + Kevin DEVIL EYES K.

Not pictured = The Lauren Horse, Rob.G + Pablo + Ja Rule's pal Paul, Juila + Erica, Randy K., miscellaneous Bratskeir employees, and Josh Nova.

Wait, what's this? Scuba Steve with the program for the 2005 Miss Taxi Internacional beauty pageant! Let me see that!

Miss Taxi = a beauty pageant held every year out in Queens. Looks like the dispatch girls (?) compete against one another for fame and fortune, cash and prizes.

A few excerpts from an interview with Nadira, one of the contestants:

What is your opinion of a beauty pageant in the Taxi industry?
Oh, it's very good for the image of the Taxi industry. It was so exciting for drivers and all spectators. The pageant created a tremendous interest and the word is buzzing.

Do you think it should be expanded to include limousine, Black Car and yellow industry?
Absolutely, the more the merrier. May I suggest a new name? What do you think of Miss Universal Taxi?
Rumor has it the pageant is going down tonight (!!). It is my destiny to get into this event. My translators are working on it as we speak.

ps: Weekend forecast: Warm weather + no snow = looks like Killington isn't opening till next weekend. Sooooo, I have no plans!

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