Monday November 7, 2005

november no data @ loreley

Another Saturday = another No Data... this time in the basement of Loreley on Rivington. Me + Randy + Grellan showed up early and dined on fine German food before heading downstairs. Pedro and his girl Rita had their video setup going in the background. All the people in this pic you don't recognize are leftovers from an early birthday party (for whom? no idea.) JJ, don't you know that girl in the front?

Special thanks to Grellan to negotating everything (read: drink tickets).

You know, this is a weird recap since I didn't really take any pics till like 2am. Things were quiet early on and then just like that got really rowdy late night. (Steve Ross, sorry I pushed you - agitating the ankle that I helped to break 6 months ago).

Randeez. Me.
Happy. Angry.

Ali. Grellan.

Strike two for Ryan as he passed out sitting up again (er, remember the Lolita No Data?).

Seriously, we tried out bestest to leave him alone for a while...

... but then Xtina all up in his bizness...

... and we busted out the Drunk Guy Genja Jenga toolkit. (read this, btw)

But then he snapped to life and did this robot dance that he does for like two hours straight. Ryan = in the running to be No Data mascot? He's got my vote.

You may be familiar with these shots, you know, place the camera on the floor and set the timer...

(btw, me + Ali + Alexa + Grell + Tara + ??? Britney)

... but did you know that you can set the timer and then kick the camera across the room to get secret spy photos of people? This one didn't work out so well thanks for Xtina's ninja like reflexes.

Tip: works best late night.

Pedro and Rita get their make out on. In celebration of their slamming VJ skillz perhaps?

Meanwhile, Grell and Dianne pretend to make out.

Though no one made out with Melissa the Pilot's supercute friend on the right.

Okay, so things thinning out. This is maybe like 3am?

We stayed late. Late enough for Tara's friend to pass out all over the place.

Late enough for Clay Shirky (or Clay Shirky's evil twin brother) to make a special guest appearance?

Late enough for Alexa and Pat.F to get their shank on?

Dance party kept going till approximately 6:19am. Randy played the Best Set of His Life (tm). Kevin played the Worst Late Night Set Ever (rookie!). When we left we weren't even the last ones out - the staff was still down there dancing to the one sacrificial CD we left behind on autopilot.

I slept in to, er, 4pm the next day. I found this post-Halloween Sigma Chi grafitti present that JJ left for me in the hallway as I was doing my laundry. Sweet!

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