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Tuesday November 1, 2005

four days worth of halloween

Four days of Halloween is a little much, no? See, that's the problem with these Monday holidays. I'm looking forward to taking tonight off.

(Costumes? Oh, we'll get to that.)

Start on Friday with Youngna's 23rd birthday @ Dove (happy bday, yp!). Friday = too early to be wearing costumes so I went as a Johnny Red Sweater. Actually, no one was really dressed up except for The Happy Corp kids - Doug rolled into Dove in this giant domino suit... and 4 hours later (by the time we were all at the Magician) Matt rolls in wearing, er, another giant domino costume (hence the "Die domino die!" dodgeball message for anyone left confused).

Anyway, late night + Youngna's birthday + Youngna really crunked + Youngna's super tiny frame + giant domino costume = Youngna toppled over, on the floor, wearing this stoopid suit and unable to get up turtle-on-its-back style. Hahahahahahaha.

ps: Youngna b'day party = setting dodgeball records for most people checked-in at one place.

ps2: For extra credit, check out YP's Flickr pics.

On to Saturday. Again, too early to dress up, though that didn't stop Jackie and JJ. Jackie as a unicorn (, obviously!) and Jonathan as, um, a cat. Seriously?

Jay was giving me shit for leaving the house without a costume so he gave me these sweeeeeet tribal arm band and Sigma Chi tattoos.

I went out as Johnny Grey Sweater this time and got in a sword fight with Lisa at Motor City Bar.

I certainly did not pass out in Becca's bed with Dianne.Sunday = costume free football with Randy + Grellan + Grellan's brother + 12 chorizo sausages and 6 hamburgers.

ps: More saturday pics from Krucoff.

And Monday. First up is the Google's Halloween Party. I was in the 1/4 of people who didn't come into work all decked out, so I made this sweet robot costume out of an abandoned cardbox box.

It's a robot, people. Not a computer. A robot.

Blurry pic of Jon as a cow, Steve as Super Mario, Alex with an attack monkey and Bob (?) as a lobster.

I came home to find a mini Halloween care package from my Mom. Thanks, mom!

Took a nap (genius!), met Randy during the tail end of his DJ set at Sutra, then head over to Grellan's to get out shit together before heading uptown to the Flavorpill party. We got beat up and someone stole our prom dates, get it?

Cabride took us to 12th Street before we hit Halloween gridlock.

So we took the subway...

... and trekked through Times Square.

Flavorpill party = @ Supper Club = crowded.

ps: official Flavorpill photos (bonus points for spotting Grellan)

We met up with Dianne (American Apparel ad!) and Jen (er, no idea... future girl?) as soon as we walked in.

Then found some dead prom dates...

... to replace the ones that ditched us when we got beat up. (har har)

And then found some high school girls soon after that.

Anthony Townsend?!?

Mike Sharon!

Strle and Wesley upstairs in the hip hop dance party.

Blue screen.

Grellan and Dianne.

Randy, get in there!

Doug.J as Happy Corp news anchor. Strle as, hmmmm, not really sure.

Inspector Gadget? Not sure about the other dudes.

Megha + Spangler = in love.

Late night, new-comer Will in the background. Welcome to teendrama, Will!

Looking down from the VIP booth.

Look closer and you'll find Grellan getting his swerve on.

Gets blurry around here. 4am? Cab ride to Fat Baby with Brazilian girl? Brian Battjer? Kim-chi hotdog? (I wish). Huh?

(the end)

From: Grellan
Subject: did anyone hook up with that guy in the banana suit?
Date: November 1, 2005 10:48:03 AM EST
To: Dens, Randy


so we meet again.


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