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Friday October 28, 2005

first tracks in NH (er, not mine)

Mike.G, a friend of mine from my days as a snowboard instructor at Attitash, send me this pics the other day.

Apparently Wildcat Mountain (NH) got dumped on (four feet?!) early this week (being right next to Mt. Washington will do that). These kids skipped work, threw on snowshoes and hiked up about 2/3 of the mountain to get first tracks in October.

Reminded me a little of first tracks down my parent's driveway in November 2002 (er, on the snowdeck).

I clipped this pic from the Mount Snow weekly email - a few inches in Vermont this past week. (thought they're prob not opening till late November / early December. We got first tracks there over Thanksgiving last year)

Opening day @ Killington is November 11. We'll be there. Lemme know if you want to journey on up.

(As for NYC, no snow yet... instead the city smells like maple syrup.)

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