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Monday October 24, 2005

IG party (aka champagne dance party)

The good folks at The Intelligence Group (formerly Youth Intelligence) were kind enough to invite Team No Data to DJ their fall 2005 party at Lolita this weekend.

A few words to sum things up: Crowded. Free Red Stripe. Raffle. Surveys. Crunked.

In true IG fashion, they snuck survey questions onto the raffle tickets (clever little buggers!).

"What's the newest thing you're doing that you think most people don't know about?"

Leslie threw down for Dodgeball (thanks, girl!). Dianne fwd me this match-survery-answer-to-person quiz. Please remember to use a #2 pencil.

a. "Mixing Red Bull and Coronas, I call it the 'speedy gonzales"
b. "Watching Fuel TV? Freezing our halfpipe so we can snowboard on it. Pow!"
c. "DJ-ing"
d. "Skype"
e. "Beating Dennis Crowley in arm wrestling."
f. "Blogging and selling my own art online?"
g. "Djing YI..er...IG events."
h. "Incest."
i. "An Italian man."

1. Dennis C.
2. Kevin K.
3. Grellan H.
4. Jen D.
5. Youngna P.
6. Matthew S.
7. Andy K.
8. Dianne McG.
9. Randy K.

Come'on raffle time!

First up and Bee wins a bottle of champagne!

Then Randeez won some spa gift certificate???

And then Leslie won some X-Box games. (Ha!) Some girl we don't know won a PSP - what?!?

Anyway, back to the champagne - congrats Bee!

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin = $50 = fancy!

(insert vintage SNL "Champagne from the finest region on Champaigne" reference here)

What are you waiting for? Pop that shit open!


Rita! (Pedro's girlfriend, who won another bottle of champagne)

Random girl!

Champagne + red bull = filthy. (Strangly, Grellan pulled this Red Bull out of his bag)

One of these. Krucoff + Alexa + Jenny.J + NOT J.P.!

Kevin.K sporting Alex's shirt (again), YP, some random dude (blue) and Rockstar Tony.K on the bottom. Sorry I can't make dodgeball work on your phone man. I hope we can still be friends.

A throwback to the blurry days of my old digicam.

Yah, yah, yah... crowded. This pic almost didn't make it through the edit process, but Girl in Red, you really are something special.

Members of the Melissa the Pilot entourage throwing hands in the air.

Randizzles and a crazy-looking Josh. Note the cane - sorry I busted yer ankle up, man. Seriously.

We were there till 4am. Maybe a little later? I was still DJ'ing at like 2am and there was this line to get in. Come'on!

Kevin's brother Ryan taking a wee nap in the corner. Normally you'd give a kid shit for this, but this is the same dude that hurdled the 12" sign after a September No Data!

Late night and who rolls in but Wired's own Brian Lam fresh from SF (with brother Jonathan in tow).

More of the Mr. Lam. Not. too. sure. who the other three people are.

Regretfully, I didn't get any photos of the wedding party that rolled in around 2am and camped out downstairs.

Okay, so around 4:30am and Lolita's closing up. We headed over to the Secret After Hours place on Ludlow and it turns out they're shooting a rap video outside (!!). This pic = from the stairs, focusing on the dude's watch.

See? Inside all sorts of lights and stuff. Come'on, this is supposed to be SECRET After Hours spot!

ps: We ordered 10 beers.

Steve Ross pulling a Ryan.

Around 5am, the lights went off and the music stopped and the bartender was like "ssssshhh - the police are here!" We packed up and left soon after to find about 10 cops and 3 cruisers outside. Huh.

(ps: and a little foreshadowing for tomorrow on teendrama... woke up at 11am for a fieldtrip to Six Flags / Great Adventure w/ Karen + Natasha + Brian. Pow!)

Oh yeah, also see:

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