Friday October 21, 2005

hi bee + spring lounge bender

I'm walking on the subway platform the other day and run into Kevin's friend Bee who I haven't seen in forever (and never see amongst the lineup of familiar subway people faces). So we're talking and it turns out that she lives in the building that faces my building (across the courytard), like my-window-looks-into-her-window style. So, when I get home after work I made this sign out of masking tape.

Fast forward a few hours, KTDD is giving me a haircut (thanks, btw) and JJ is eating some Thai food and Bee I guess sees my homemade welcome sign and comes running out waving from her balcony across the courtyard. JJ suggested we set up a zipline or at the very least a tin can cellphone setup.

(that's her on the balcony, see?)

Anyway, so huh. Right across the courtyard.

Okay, so that story was kind of dumb. I'm sorry but I'm wicked hungover. Like got-home-at-5am hungover. I love you, Spring Lounge (kind of).

You may have read about Grellan is such magazines as Crunked Weekly. I whooped Matt Spangler in an arm wrestling battle (not really) soon after this.

Random girls at the bar. (Dianne in mid sneeze?) Sorry, Youngna, but you didn't make any of the photos(, loser!)

I gave Randy a ride home after I busted his ankle with a sweet Karate Kid-esque sweep-the-leg move (sorry about that, dude). The end.

ps: No Data = Saturday @ Lolita. Swing by after midnight.

update: Randy = at the hospital getting x-rays cause I reeeaaallllyyyy may have broken his ankle?! Oh man. (4:43pm)

update 2: Ankle = badly sprained. And Randy is now sporting a cane! Awesome! You should be thanking me, man!

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