Thursday October 20, 2005

LVHRD vending machine challenge (er, from monday)

Went to check out the LVHRD Vending Machine Challenge @ Pioneer Bar on Monday. Got there around 9:30 and the place was packed. Check out the Yellow Arrow entourage representing with their portable neon signs.

Vending Machine Challenge = four teams, three people each face off to see who can be the first to clear out the entire contents of a vending machine. Think competitive eating with Skittles and Kit Kats replacing the hotdogs and waterlogged buns.

First up was the crew from Yellow Arrow vs. The Rockwell Group (architecture firm?).


Which went from full -> empty in like 30 minutes. Surprisingly no one got ill. I heard the Fritos and the peanut butter crackers were the hardest items to put down.

Next up was Team NYC Ballet vs. J. Walter Thompson (ad agency). I didn't stick around till the end, but I have feeling the ad guys won took this round.

What else from this week?

Tues: me + DSJ crushing college kids at foosball
Wed: $0.10 Croxley wings with Randy and Becca and a crunked Jesse.O @ B3
Thurs: (scheduled) haircut time with KTDD + Spring Lounge field trip
Fri: Happy 28th bday, Manlio!
Sat: No Data @ Lolita (come around midnight)
Sun: Rain?

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