Monday October 17, 2005

foliage field trip to vermont (plus: bonus corn maze!!!)

Me + Randy + Becca + Dianne + Leslie + YP made the trek to Vermont this weekend. Dianne had put together a wicked agenda (apple picking + corn maze!). We took lots of photos.

Not sure where you're at, but here in NYC it rained for like 8 days straight. Like record-setting rainfall. It continued to pour the whole ride up (er, and all weekend).

Arrived late late late Friday night. Big Dig left a pile of wood that needed stackin' (one cord!)

(er, just ignore the fact that it's like high noon in this photo)

Randy and I brought our skate decks up in hope of spending some quality time with the halfpipe we built. Rain = no such luck. (and the water damage to the ramp is pretty bad too). I think we're going to pull the tarp for the winter, freeze the thing and snowboard on it once the snow falls (or maybe use the snowdeck???)

Anyway, Saturday. We were hoping the rain would be over with by the time we woke up, but things didn't work out so good. Becca and YP made some breakfast.

Lip smudge marks on the chandelier? Evidence from an un-chaperoned 4th of July dance party?

Despite the rain, we decided to trek down to Bennington anyway (corn maze!). Six in the hoverpod (read: four in the backseat). Amazingly the rain let up just as we rolled into town.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... less shots of us standing around... more pics of the corn maze!

Corn maze, damnit!

Less Youngna wearing stoopid scarecrow hats! More corn maze!

Oh, so here we go. You know, this is all Dianne's doing. She sent an email around like two weeks ago hyping this corn maze at the Apple Barn in Bennington, VT - getting everyone all fired up.

I've wanted to try one of these things out since forever. Inside the Country Store place they have aerial shots of all corn mazes past.

ps: thanks, Dianne!

So we trekked on down there. See the corn maze in the background?

And looked inside. It was wicked muddy. No one wanted to trek through the thing in the mud, but Randy (and then me, second) decided to just see what it was like on the inside.

Just for a minute, of course. The girls followed.

But like 5 minutes later we were lost inside this thing.

(Youngna's camera takes much better photos than mine.)

You know, it's much harder than you would think. I always thought the corn maze would be like waist-high, you know, fun for kids but too easy for grown-ups, but it's tall and windy and pretty easy to lose your orientation (especially for those who aren't Zelda superstars).

The thing was like a flooded rainforest. We wandered around for a while. I was afraid it was going to start pouring again while we were stuck in the maze (think: sprinkler scene from "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" style).

And in case you wanted to know what it's like to be lost in a corn maze. [video, 10mb]

Leslie and I found this abandoned map like half-way through...

... which helped us plot our escape.

See? Muddy. It took us a good half-hour to find our way out? (Longer?)

On the way out. Robot pumpkin eating dinosaur.

And Youngna taking photos.

Inside we hit up the guy at the wine tasting booth. $2/each for all the apple wine you can drink. (Apple wine = made from apples, not grapes.)

More importantly, apple wine = gross. But that didn't stop us from buying a $12 of their flagship Apple Wine w/ Cinnamon and Maple Syrup.

After a quick stop at Growler City, we hit up the supermarket. Becca bought a whole chicken.

Almost-impulse-buy at the checkout counter - PIBs all dressed up for Halloween!

ps: PIBs = Pigs in Blankets, rookie!

Back to the house. The girls baked delicious pies and chickens while Randy and I stacked wood.



After dinner apple wine made us all a little ill. Randy went for seconds.

A hearty line-up of growlers. The two in the back are reserved for Little Sister Katie.

Late night = PassedOutYoungna.

Later night = passed out dpstyles.

I slept through Becca and Randy rocking out.

But woke up to babysit the fire.

Sunday's cloudy sunset.

And two-inch thick burgers.

(the end)

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