Monday October 10, 2005

stacey and dave's brooklyn wedding throwdown

This past Saturday was Stacey & Dave's wedding - two friends from back in the Jupiter days who fell in love under the spell of dot com magic. They left NYC a while back, moved out to Seattle and (I think) are planning a triumphant return to NYC soon. I've been looking forwardto the wedding forever - many of the best dot com stories (e.g. featuring events hosted by Pets.com, Dealtime.com, uBid.com, Boo.com, Flooz.com, Luke McG.com, etc) included the old Jup crew that were all part of the weddding entourage.

Oh, here's Stacey and Dave. Together = cute like kittens. The wedding was held out at Frankie's 457, a restaurant in Carol Gardens, Brooklyn. Big backyard for the cermeony and an old coach house in back for the reception / hip hop dance party.

The weather this whole weekend was wicked crappy - Saturday included. Pat Kiernan from NY1 told me this morning that we got more rain this weekend than in the entire month of August.

Anyway, so around 4pm, I put on my bestest (read: only) suit and met up w/ Andy + Rina + Gage over at The Krucoff's apt. Cab ride to Brooklyn was a stoopid 40 minutes long (bridge traffic). We should have taken the F.

Ceremony kicked off around 5pm or so with Warren.S (!!) from Jup as the minister (more on this later). The cermeony was great as everything was original - readings, vows, etc. - and all the religious overtones were left out.

I got stuck in the back, but I managed to snap this blurry pic as Stacey ran down the aisle.

And then guess who I ran into?! Youngna! She was along for the ride as the Official Wedding Photographer.

Post-ceremony we moved into the carriage house for the reception.

Open bar featuring such hits as Stella, red wine, white wine and, what is this?, Old Fashioneds (whiskey + bitter). Luke McG bullied me into getting back on the whiskey train.

Overheard: "This drink smells like... rowdy!"

And then there was some dinner. I got stuck at Table 18 with the rest of the bloggers. Andy + Rina on the left, Danners + Lock on the right, Luke McG's head... Youngna, aren't you on the clock?! Less stuffing your face, more taking photos!

ps: Chris + Kelly, sorry the digicam cropped you out.

Special guest appearance by former Jupiter Consumer Content Strategies superstar Aram Sinnreich and Baby Simon. (not pictued: wife Dunia).

ps: Other ex-Jup special guests included Jefke + wife (+ kid!!!) and Susan Parker.

Anna, Stacey (and Heather's) friend from college was in charge of taking polaroid shots of every guest, sticking them in an album and getting people to write heartfelt tributes to Stacey and Dave.

Extra film results in super saucy photos of the girls from Ohio. Left to right: Anna, someone I don't know, Mary Jane, Julie B.

ps: Anna threw the rest of the polaroid shots up on Flickr.

Okay, so back to our pal Warren. I've seen this kid maybe two or three times since the dot com heydays, so when I learned that he was the minister for the ceremony I was thinking that maybe he had some kind of life-altering experience and decided to devote himself to, I dunno, some religious cause.

So after a few rounds of Old Fashioneds (damn you, Luke), Warren's telling me that he's no real minister, but he got ordained over the innernets just so he could preside over the ceremony. What?!

So, this is now officially the best story I've ever heard, and was confirmed by not only the wedding program...

... but by his official Church of Spiritual Humanism membership card!

Okay, so a few of these real quick: me + Stacey + guy that makes the drinks in the background. Wet hair = a combination of rain + humidity + sweaty dance party (more on that later too).

Warren and a devil-eyed Brittany.

Chad (another Ohio kid) and Luke.

Late(r) night the girls busted out the sparkers ("hipster glowsticks"?)

Youngna's pics are always better than mine.

The birthday girl, er, bride all sparking it up.

Are we done with these sparkle pics yet?

Oh, and then someone gave Stacey and Dave an early wedding gift - blinged out LED belt buckles!

(I never did get to see what was pre-programmed into them)

See? Stacey got one too.

Red is for boys. Blue is for girls.

I like to think that this pic was taken as someone cued up Ante Up.

Sweaty Andy and his cardboard box dance.

Okay. How about one of these before we get out here?

This has got to be around 11:30 or so. I think the traditional First Dance was replaced by a much better Last Dance.

Okay, so it's pouring rain out (still) and eight Manhattan kids are trapped in Brooklyn... what to do?

... but rent a Hummer Limo to take us home!

Okay, it wasn't a Hummer (or even an Escalade) - we got stuck with a GMC Yukon (us = so b-list). Oh, and it was white and heavily stocked with, er, Diet Cokes.

(Andy, that coke was $15!)

"Henry, take us to the Magician!"

Back at home base. The Magician was packed for a Saturday and we were all rowdy'ed up and crunked. I have no idea how we ended up meeting up with people (Ali and Lisa?). I do know that Ali gave AK a solid arm-wrestling beatdown.

Alexa was there too? Who knew?!

(alexa, oh no, did I leave another voicemail for your sister?)

Another one of these. Youngna, get back to work! By the way, items lost at the Magician include: my suit jacket, Anna's wallet, Chad's jacket and a makeup-bag.

I don't think I got home till around 4am or so (earlier? later?). Stacey and Dave threw a post-wedding pizza party reception @ Lombardi's on Sunday morning. "Be there at 11:30".

Er, I woke up at 11:35, three voicemails from Heather.D on my phone, and raced down to Spring Street, gettig there just in time to hit round 2 of the Lombardi pies.

I ate four slices. Delicious. Then fell asleep on my couch.

(the end)

ps: congrats Stacey & Dave!

Also see: Anna's Flickr set.

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