Friday October 7, 2005

skeeball champion of the east village

Walked into Ace Bar last night for Will Mc'D's bday and was welcomed by two new skeeball machines!

Me + JJ faced off in a battle to the death.

Jay's at-least-one-warm-up-game advantage had me struggling to keep up.


I was down by 40 points with one ball left, and on my final roll...

... aw-shit!, hit the 40-hole to tie it up!

We settled the tie in round 2 when I won by 20 and declared myself Intergalactic Skeeball Champion of the East Village.

ps: rumor has it, JJ scored a 420 (an Ace Bar all-time high score?) earlier in the night.

ps2: Don't tell anyone, but Kim.G has Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" on her iPod.

ps3: (added 10/13) this dude jonathan emailed me to tell me he scored a 540 on the Ace Bar skeeball setup (and on the same night we were there, strangely). I called bullshit... then he sent me this photo - a legend!

ps4: (added 10/14) Okay, it's on. Me + my crew vs. Skeeball Jon (see above) and his crew. Not sure when, but it's going to be nasty.

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