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Monday October 3, 2005

boston fieldtrip recap

I was in Boston for a few days last week to speak at MIT's Emerging Technologies conference. Me + Josh Schachter (Del.icio.us) + Chris Heathcote (Nokia UI) we're on a panel together. (Stewart got swapped out last minute).

The folk at MIT where nice enough to throw us a reception post-conference. That's me at 3:00, then clockwise: Delicious Josh (best. nickname. ever?), Bryan Cantrill (a fellow TR35'er), Vanessa, Bryan's wife, Marissa, and Chris.H. (Sorry to Stewart + Brian's sister, who apparently didn't make the cut.)

ps: note my b-list, red speaker badge... which I swapped out on Thursday for a fancy (yet purple) TR35 Honoree badge.

Post-reception, we lost Chris first, then split with Stewart and Josh.S. I ended up heading in town with Vanessa and Marisssa and meeting up w/ MF and Genja (who were just getting out of class).

Next = drinks at the Beantown Pub. Okay, ready for Small World Story #1? G is telling me that Vanessa looks really familiar. And Vanessa is telling me about her twin sister from Penn. And then the two get talking and it turns out that G was roommates with Vanessa's twin sister during some random summer session at Penn State. Who knew?

Good story, eh? Anyway here's Marissa sporting her autographed copy of Technology Review.

Have a great summer, girl.

Fast forward to Thursday. Conference in the morning then met up with Big Dig for lunch @ Jimmy's. We headed into the ballgame around 5pm. In case you were wondering, here's what my Dad looks like when he is literally about to pee his pants as we're stuck in traffic.

ps: He didn't pee his pants - and sorry to put these pics online, Dad. I hope we can still be friends.

We paid $40 to park (!!) and hustled over to Boston Beerworks to meet Cousin Michelle and her friend, Michelle #2.

The mozzarella sticks really are something special.

And me and Michelle #2.

Okay, so Small World Story #2: We're sitting around talking about friends from high school when MF's name comes up ("heir to the MF sportscar fortune!") and Michelle #2 is like, "Not the MF from Bates College, right?" and me + Dig were like, "Oh no you just didn't!". Turns out Michelle #2 (aka "RC" - why??) is bestest pals with the whole Beaver Creek entourage (Steve + Pete + Rob + Tyler + Jay Lively).

Okay, so three appetizers later, we head into the game (around the 3rd inning) and who's sitting a few rows down from us? Mike.D!

ps: thanks for the beers, Mike!

So, end of the season, with Cleveland making a play for the wildcard and the Yankees in first place, the Sox really needed to win this game. They were down, 4-1 (?) I think going into the 8th, before Ortiz tied things up with a HR. I was sitting there with my Dad in the 9th, Damon on 2nd and Ortiz at the plate thinking "I've seen this game before, I know exactly how it ends", and then Ortiz hits a single and scores Damon. Sox win 5-4. Pow!

A view of what was going on after Damon crossed the plate. [video, 17mb]

Photo op. Mike.d on the digicam.

Game ended around 11pm, so we grabbed Mike.D and went to some bar called, er, I can't remember what it was called, though it was some basement dungeon sports bar connected to Fenway. Anyway, we had rougly 200 beers.

I took the train back to NYC on Friday. I found this in the Providence train station. I tizziped $2.

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