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Monday September 26, 2005

two day bender: alex's 29th bday and dpj's 30th bday

Ugh. This was the most crunked up weekend ever with two back-to-back 6am nights (I am only slightly of proud of that). Let's start on Friday for Alex's 29th (34th!!) bday throwdown. Dinner + drinks + karaoke (this pic is from like 2am, but we'll get to that).

First up = dinner. Six of us @ Gyu-Kaku, a grill-yer-own-meats type of place near Astor Place. Little corns, little hot dogs, little meats. That bag of foil contains a bunch of mushrooms marinating in butter. Verdict: delicious.

Manlio and Kevin prepare to battle the meats. Beware of Kevin's patented Devil Eyes(tm).

Post dinner we hit up Porch Bar on Avenue C. About 20 people stopped by x 4-5 drinks each (or so it seemed) and the tab only came to like $150 = a birthday gift from the waitress?

We ditched Porch and headed to Duke's around 11pm, where I surprised Alex with a blinged out watch with a spinner rim attached to the face. (ps: eBay)

Hard. Like a gangster.

Okay, now onto karaoke up at the brand new Sing Sing on St. Mark's. BYOB = we cleaned out the deli down the street of their tallboy reserves.

Sing Sing is usually one of places where you rent out tiny rooms - aka Karaoke Prisons - but this *new* Sing Sing has this Karaoke Mansion (!!) that can fit like 50 people. I was just showing this to Alex and it looks like we rented the whole bar for ourselves. (ps: who brought the girl in the pink?)

I stole / borrowed, this pic from Manlio. Well done with your panaromic skills. If you click here, I'll show you a larger version.

Manlio also captured the act of me busting out my karaoke staple, "Wanted Dead or Alive".

(ps: for the record, this pic was taken after I fell off the table)

Gabe, giving it his all, though not sure what's going on with Carin and Tracy.

Kevin Jim and Gabe, duet action.

(ps: trick photo caption!)

A little "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" for the ladies.

Tallboy graveyard.

We somehow got a special delivery of Faxe tallboy lagers (previously only seen at 12").

Carin. Tracy. Kevin.

Jill. Steve. In Love.

And John Carney?!

Okay. So that was Friday. Saturday = wasn't planning on going out at all (since I spent all of Saturday afternoon hungover on my couch)... but, alas, I ended up meeting Krucoff for a drink, then Lock joined up, then Spiers and Clare showed up courtsey of dodgeball. Then I heard The Lauren Horse was out at 288, so I went there. And Jill and her brother showed up. And before you know it, its 3:30am (again) and I'm on my way to meet up w/ Lock and Krucoff (again) at Lolita. By the time I show up, Janelle and Jenn were also hanging out.

So we had an ad-hoc photo shoot in the bathroom (of course)... and then (a) had two more drinks, (b) hit up the random LES afterhours place and (c) went to bed.

Sunday was me + JJ sitting around watching football for most or the day. We grilled up some pork chops + burgers + chicken (read: "hello, meat sweats!"). After the Pats game, I went over to Doug J's to catch the tail end of Doug's 30th Birthday Rodeo Hoedown...

(ps: Like an idiot, I missed the rodeo field trip. I actually thought it was Saturday, so on Saturday morning - after the Fri/Sat 6am bender - I was running around like crazy trying to get ready before I realized, "Oh wait, the rodeo is on Sunday." )

By the way, well done w/ the bday party planning, Sloan. Full bluegrass band + catered BBQ sandwiches...

... and ice cream cake. Hoooo-doggy!

(the end. ps: happy 29th to Alex and happy 30th to DPJ!)

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