Monday September 19, 2005

weekend no data + blind skateboards party

Pre-No Data on Saturday, me + Grellan + Randy headed down to the Blind skate store in Soho. The were holding a fundraiser for Andy Kessler (injured in skate accident?) where they were auctioning off some art as people were skating the bowl and a jazz band played on the floor.

Place was packed (these pics don't really do it justice), but these guys were killing the ramp.

Not much space on the deck, but a ton of people managed to squeeze up there anyway. The perimeterof the ramp is covered by this thick netting which a lot of us where holding onto to make sure we didn't fall off the edge. Not too many loose boards to dodge, but after the failed grind, I got knocked back into the net and had a drink spilt on me. Danger!

The crowd behind and below us. I didn't bother to brave the line.

I took some digicam footage. Guy in front of me in the black/green shirt was best of the lot. [video, 22mb]

We left around 9pm or so and headed over to No Data Corporate Headquarters, weaving our way through the San Genarro festival.

Pretty solid No Data. Lots of girls (thanks to Alexa's entourage?). In fact, almost all girls and no dudes. Battjer, star of the hit blog I Keep A Diary, stopped by to say hi.

(that's right, sucker: "blog"!)

Kevin rolled in late night wearing Alex's Summer 2003 at Microsoft shirt.

And Grellan's Sweet Sweet Work Friends also put in their required time. (thumbs up vs. down = referring to Grellan's set, I think. If so, Nancy = liar.)

Hi there. Me + Nick + JP + [I don't know who who you are standing in the 9pm spot] Jenny Jackson!.

As seasoned No Data vets know all too well, there's not hard liquor at The 12". Substitute drinks include such delights as this martini glass filled w/ Soju (read: Korean liquor) and Swedish Fish.

Dear Jen. D -

I'm sorry that I punched you in the arm and tossed you off that stool (causing you to land on your back and most likely knock the wind out of you), but you bit me - on the neck - one too many times (er, 8 too many times). And it hurts!

Yes, I still want to be friends - but no more biting!



Then there was this girl (no, not Dianne) who demanded that I shut down the hip hop dance party and instead "play some rock and roll" (I refused). She threatened us with some "I know the owner!" talk before forgetting her gripes and dancing it up w/ Ms. D.

We sent Rachael on a recon misson to scope out the ambiguous tattoo on our friend's lower back. She never returned.

Late night. Becca and Bar-back Dan rock out.

And a little digicam tribute to the loyal 12" staff.

We left around 4:30 or so.

Outside 12". I think everytime we leave 12" a little crunked, there's talk to trying to hurdle the sidewalk sandwich-board sign. Up till last night it's just been all talk...

... that is until Kevin's younger brother Ryan drove all the way in from Stamford, CT to step up to the challenge. [video, 9mb]

This man reminds me of a young Gabe B., a legend in the art of the firebox hurdles.

Rewind a little to about 2am when some kid comes in off the street and gives me this card, pointing us to afterhours at some LES bar.

Back to 4:30am and of course it's a good idea. Ten of us made the trek.

About 30 minutes later. Grellan nearly passed out. Becca not doing so well either.

We went through two rounds of beers and a full-tray of purple shots. Randy recycled the glassware.

5:35am. Though I swear we didn't leave the afterhours place till like 6am.

Then me + Alexa + Randy + Krucoff hit up the nice man at the Kim Chi hotdog stand on Ludlow and Stanton.

Next day = hungover + watching Sunday football. Randy took this pic as I was busy fixing his ass lunch.

Other Sunday events include: a visit from the Team Fresh Direct and a fieldtrip to Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem w/ Randy + Grell (recommended, btw).

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