Friday September 9, 2005

no data loft party fundraiser

Team No Data dj'ed a fundraiser loft party down in NoHo last night. The fundraiser was for an agency fighting human trafficing in NYC. (Katrina fundraiser = tonight).

Anyway, Grellan's friend-of-friend was kind enough to donate his loft to the cause. We brought speakers and CDs.

Here's a look at the advanced technology used by such superstar DJs as ourselves. I have put this technology to great use in bringing hit songs to the masses. (click it!)

This one time when we were posing for a photo shoot for Youngna in Williamsburg, she said to Randy "Look hard!". Randy was like "Hard like a gangster?". This appears to be what she was going for.

Late night. Big bottle = bottle of champagne (which was spilled all over my digi during this shot, hence the blurryness of the rest of the photos).

See? Blurry. The guy in the blue got in a fight (at a fundraiser?!?) like 40 minutes earlier after he commented on some dude's girlfriend's necklace.

Blurry + Grellan's giant head.

Another one of these.

They never really get old, do they? Here, Katherine and JP's debut on teendrama. Tom on the left is British Jess' friend from the UK.

Like my new jeans? No hole in the crotch!

Jen D + Dianne, all up in each other's business.

As it's getting later. This guy's apt is really something special. Terrace overlooks the corner of Bowery & 4th.

Not sure when we left. Randy grabbed a 50 lb. bag of pretzels for the road.

Which was later used to assault The Grellan. [video, 11.6mb]

Bowery street. 2am. Blurry digicam. I really like this photo.

Thankfully no pics of us hanging at Crime Scene on teendrama (the worst bar in all of NYC), though I hear Lisa.E has some up on Flickr.

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